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Liam's timeline: Jolted

By liam#4
  • Exposition 1: Backround

    Exposition 1: Backround
    In the past, almost all of Newton Starker's relatives have been struck and killed by lightning. Scared of his future, Newton switches schools and moves to Jerry Potts Academy, a school for "survival."
  • Exposition 2: Setting

    Exposition 2: Setting
    The story takes place in Moosejaw, Canada, in mostly the Jerry Potts Academy.
  • Exposition 3: Characters

    Newton: 13 year old boy, brave, cautious, alert
    Grandma Enid: Cruel, spiteful, confident
    Jacob: Newton's friend, aspiring, smart, loyal
  • Rising Action: Conflict

    Rising Action: Conflict
    The Starker family has been plagued with many deaths by lightning, and Newton one of the last surviving in the family, needs to survive.
  • Rising Action 1

    Rising Action 1
    Newton meets Jacob Clarke and they become friends. Jacob shows Newton The Hall of Heroes, where great celebrities who once were at Jerry Potts are shown. Newton vows he will make his name put in the hall one day.
  • Rising Action 2

    Rising Action 2
    As Newton touring the school with his class, he starts being bullied by another student, named Violet Quon.
  • Rising Action 3

    Rising Action 3
    For a dish in his Culinary Arts Class, Newton orders truffles from France. Little did he know he had spoken wrongly in French, and had ordered something else as well.
  • Rising Action 4

    Rising Action 4
    Newton visits his Grandma Enid, needing to know why the Starker family has been attracted to lightning. She gives him the journal of Adam Starker, who the was the first Starker ever to be documented with a death from lightning. Unfortunately, the journal gives no answers.
  • Rising Action 5

    Rising Action 5
    Back in Jerry Potts, Newton is challenged to fight Violet in a boxing match. He gets KOed easily, and loses. Then when he wakes up some hours later, he finds that a truffle pig has been sent to him, named Josephine, along with the truffles.
  • Climax

    Newton visits his grandma again, and she tells him what has kept her alive so long; spite and hatred. Then when they both go outside, a lightning bolt comes out of nowhere right at Newton. His grandma pushes him out of the way, and dies instead. Newton, now being the last Starker alive, realizes that he must survive
  • Falling Action 1

    Falling Action 1
    Newton visits a restaurant near the Tunnels of Moose Jaw, where he meets Violet and she forgives him. When he goes back out, a storm is happening. For shelter, he goes to the Tunnels of Moose Jaw and hides past security. when people start staring, he leaves immediately, and the storm has stopped.
  • Falling Action 2

    Newton participates in a Survival Expedition, and crosses paths with Violet just as he finds the hidden totem.
  • Rising Action 3

    Rising Action 3
    At the same time, a storm appears overhead, and Newton stuggles to find a hiding spot. It is too late and Newton is struck by a lightning bolt. As the charge goes through his body, Josephine-who was brought unknowingly along in the Expedition-nudges her head on Newton's leg, and absorbs the electricity.
  • Resolution 1

    Resolution 1
    As Newton is recovering in the hospital, he realizes that Josephine has died. Then his dad arrives and tells Newton it is his choice if he wants to stay at Jerry Potts. Newton decided he wants to stay.
  • Resolution 2

    Resolution 2
    Newton continues his year at Jerry Potts, and becomes great friends with Violet, and he realizes they have much in common.