Isaac Newton

  • Isaac Newtons Birth

    Isaac Newtons Birth
    Isaac Newton, the son of Isaac Newton sr. and Hannah Newton, was born at 2:00 am on Christmas day, December 25th, in Woolstrope. Earlier the same year, on January 8th, Galileo died after suffering a sever fever and heart problems. Isaac was baptized when he was only 6 days old on January first 1643. Isaacs birth was important because he became very wealthy and made many discoveries and inventions as well as some novels.
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  • Roger Williams is granted a royal charter for Rhode Island

    Roger Williams is granted a royal charter for Rhode Island
    In 1644, Roger Williams is granted a royal charter for Rhode Island. This document was given by King Charles II of England. This charter allowed Rhode Island to make laws and rules for it's own colony. It also granted Rhode Island religious freedom. The Royal Charter for Rhode Island is significant to world history because it became the first colony that was able to practice a religion of choice.
  • End of 30 years war

    End of 30 years war
    In 1648, the 30 year war concluded. This war was between Europe, Sweden, France, Spain, Austria, and Germany. The war ended with the Peace of Westphalia which consisted of a course of treaties. This war was important to world history because it modified the religion and politics in Europe.
  • Slavery is legalized in Conneticut

    Slavery is legalized in Conneticut
    In 1650, Connecticut became the second colony, Massachusetts being the first, to legalize slavery. Connecticut used African slaves in everyday life to grow crops, raise cattle, and many other jobs. The significance of the legalization of slaves in Connecticut unfortunately lead other colonies to legalize slavery.
  • End of English civil war

    End of English civil war
    The English civil war ended in 1651. This war concluded with the defeat of the Royalists. The English civil war lasted for about nine years and was a disagreement between Charles 1 and Parliament. The significance of this war is it began the freeing of slaves and it also united the nation.
  • Period: to

    Newton's Revolutionary Work

    From 1665-1667, Newton achieved many accomplishments. In 1665, he returned to Trinity College with his Bachelors degree to continue his revolutionary work in physics and Mathematics. This was the beginning of his theories on light, colors, and his work on gravity. According to a myth, an apple fell on Newton's head, and he came up with the theory of gravity. This timespan is important because it was the beginning of Newton's achievements.
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  • Construsting a Reflective telescope

    Construsting a Reflective telescope
    In 1668, Isaac Newton invented the first Reflective telescope. Isaac used this telescope to help explain his theory about light, optics, and color. This was an important event in Newton's life because it was his first major public accomplishment. It was also significant because He was asked by the Royal society for a display of his telescope.
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  • "Opticks" is published

    "Opticks" is published
    In 1672, Isaac Newton published his book "Optics". This book is about the properties of light. This caused a rivalry and disagreement between Robert Hooke and Isaac Newton because Newton believed that light was made of particles, while Hooke believed light was made of waves. This book was a significant event in Isaac Newton's life because it started the rivalry between Hooke and Newton.
  • Period: to

    King Philips War

    King Philips War started in 1675 and ended in 1676. During this war, the Native Americans made their last attempt to force out all the English settlers from Southern New England. This fighting lasted for a year and two months. King Philips war ended very soon after Metacom was executed after being captured. This war was significant to world history because it brought an end to the Native Americans attempts to drive out the English settlers.
  • Isaac suffers a breakdown

    Isaac suffers a breakdown
    In 1678 Isaac Newton suffered a devastating breakdown. The following year, his mother died and he became even more devastated. This ended in his discontinuation of contact with people and he became fully involved with his scientist discoveries. This was important because it quickly ended the rivalry between him and Hooke where Hooke was questioning his discoveries.
  • "Principia" is published

    "Principia" is published
    In 1687, Isaac Newton published his significant book "Principia". This book was written to help to inform people on physics. It also described the theory's of gravity and the laws of motion. "Principia" not only introduced the law of universal gravity, but also the three laws of motion. The publication of this book is important because it acknowledged Isaac Newton as the developer of the theories of calculous.

  • elected to Parliament

    elected to Parliament
    In 1689, Isaac Newton was elected to Parliament for the University of Cambridge. He sat as a member, for the Convention Parliament of 1689. Isaac was an important member of parliament because he made many contributions. One example is how he kept the vice-chancellor informed on what was going on. This was significant because it was one of the first events where Newton became involved in politics.
  • Plymouth colony joins Massachusetts Bay Colony

    Plymouth colony joins Massachusetts Bay Colony
    In 1691, the Plymouth colony joins the Massachusetts Bay colony. The Charter of 1691 merged the two colonies together. This is a significant event because the two colonies stopped getting in conflicts and they became united.
  • Isaac suffers another nervous Breakdown

    Isaac suffers another nervous Breakdown
    In 1693 Isaac suffered another nervous breakdown. They don't know the exact cause but researchers think it may have been caused by multiple things. One reason could be because he wasn't chosen to be put in a higher position by the new leaders of England. Another reason could have been his exhaustion, or mercury poisoning from his alchemical research and experiments. This was significant to his life because although he faced a major setback, he recovered better than ever.
  • Newton is elected as president of Royal Society

    Newton is elected as president of Royal Society
    In 1703, Robert Hooke dies, and Isaac Newton gets elected as a new member of the Royal Society. As a member of the Society, Isaac's eagerness caused him to get into disagreements with other scientists and continue his discoveries. Newton had full power to control the occupations of young scientists.
  • Isaac Newtons death

    Isaac Newtons death
    Newton' s death was important because by the end of his life, he had become wealthy, and one of the most famous men in Europe. No one questioned any of his theory's or discoveries. However, he never got married or made friends because of his great amount of pride. He began to suffer from digestive problems. In March 1727, Newton blacked out became unconscious, and never woke up. Unfortunately, the next day, March 31st 1727, at the age of 84 Newton died.