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Isaac Newton

  • Birth Date

    Birth Date
    Isaac Newton was born in Woolshorpe , England January 4th 1642 ..
  • The King's School

    The King's School
    At the age of 12 when Newton was reunited with his mom he enrolled at King's School but was taken out by his mother who wanted him to be a farmer .. He soon came back and finished his basic school eduacation ..
  • Isaac Newton Fun Fact #1

    Isaac Newton Fun Fact #1
    He received his bachelor degree but the college was closed down for two years (1665-1667) because of the plague. It was during this time that he began his study of mathematics, optics, physics, and astronomy, and made most of his discoveries.
  • University of Cambidge , Trinity College

    University of Cambidge , Trinity College
    At the age of 18 Isaac's Uncle convinced his sister to let Isaac go to the college .. During his first three years of college Isaac was taught the basic's of school and was mesmerized with the advanced science .. During that time Newton kept a pair of second notes called "Quaestiones Quaedam Philosophicae" (Certain Philosophical Questions )of the concept of nature that gave him framework to the Scientific Revolutin.
  • Calculus Discovery

    Calculus Discovery
    Newtons discoveries in math were just as inportant then his dicoveries in science .. He came up with the Binomial Theorem(the sum or difference of two terms theory) and was one of the two creaters of calculus. This gave a larger expansion on our calculatins for science and math expirements..
  • Reflecting telescope

    Reflecting telescope
    He invented the reflecting telescope made the first one himself.This reflecting telescope was used for not only examiningelectromagnetic spectrum but to also view shorter and longer wavelenghts ..
  • Isaac Newton Expertise

    Isaac Newton Expertise
    Isaac Newton had an expertise level on physics and mathematics.. With these subjects he created his books (3 of them) and created Newtons laws of motion ..
  • Newton's Laws continued..

    Newton's Laws continued..
    in the same direction.. This changed how we see gravity/motion by how the motion of objects can be predicted..
  • Isaac's Book Inspires

    Isaac's Book Inspires
    His book Principia Mathmatica published in 1687 was considered to be an inspirational book in the history of science giving the information of classical mechanics. One of the many people inspired by this book was Alexis Claircut a French mathmatician who then made a new hypthesis on the motion laws (created by Newton) which he was on point of publishing .
  • Newton's Laws

    Newton's Laws
    Newton wrote a book called Philosophiae, Natrualis, Principia Mathematica (Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy). Which describe and change how we see gravity as his three laws of it. The first law described if an object isn't being pushed or pull by some force it will stay , the secong law describes how force acts on a object(it moves in the direction the force is moving it) , and last but not least the third law described if an object is pushed or pulles it will equally push or pull
  • Death Date

    Death Date
    On March 31 ,1727 Isaac died at the age of 84 in London , England ..
  • Isaac Newtons Wife/Kids

    Isaac Newton was never married .. He was said to be a very generous man family , people in general .. He also died a virgin therfore he had no kids ..
  • Newton's Religon

    Newton's Religon
    Isaac was highly religous Christain , he was not known for his Biblical exploration rather then how he is known for his natural science today .
  • Major Events Isaac took part of

    Major Events Isaac took part of
    Issac took part of a The Royal Society , he was the founder of gravitattion theory , Member of the parliament of England , Founder of newtonian Mechanics , and he also was Lucasian Professor.
  • Newton's Prediction

    Newton's Prediction
    Newton predicted that the end of the world (no later than 2060) using bible refrences .. He also added not to assure the time but to be able to stop the rath of people ...