Isaac Newton

  • Born

    Isaac Newton was born on Christmas day in Woolsthorpe. Newton only had a mom (Hanna) because his dad died before he was born. Newton was born prematurely and was very small. Newton almost died becuase of how small he was but thankfully he pulled through and contributed greatly to the world of science. This was important because Newton was very influential on the world of Science and Mathematics. Source: (Hatch)
  • Ming dynasty ends, Manchu Dynasty in power

    The Ming Dynasty lasted for three centuries in Asia. The Ming Dynasty thrived with merchants and did very well with trade. With trade Christianity was brought over to China. Finally in 1644 the Manchu Dynasty overthrew the Ming and was the dynaaty in power. Both the Ming and Manchu played great part in how Asia was formed. This is important because it decided the power and influence in Asia. Source: (Grun)
  • Naples restored to Spain

    Naples is a province in Italy and was very important to Spain. During this time Spain mostly had control until Masaniello and most of the French population rebelled. Spain eventually got Naples back and the Spaniards became anti-French. This is important because Naples was a land Spain wanted and they needed to regain control of it after losing it to the French. Source: (Britannica)
  • Cromwell dissolves Parliament and divides England into 11 districts

    During this time Oliver Cromwell did everything wrong to try and out him in power. After his elected Parliament dissolved and another Parliament also dissolved, he tried to try something new. Cromwell decided he would try and run an open military government. Doing this he split England into 11 districts in which each district was watched by a major-general. This was important becuase at that time it shaped the society in Enland. Source: (BBC)
  • Experiments and Calculus

    Experiments and Calculus
    During this time Newton experimented on gravity and discovered calculus. Newton first started studying gravity during this time because supposedly an apple dropped and hit him in the head which made him start thinking about gravity and why the apple fell down not any other way. Also during this time he found calculus from his binomial theorem. This is important because calculus is a big part in math today. Also his studies of gravity lead to his three laws that show up in everyday life. (Hatch
  • Moon's orbit

    Moon's orbit
    During this time Newton was still studying gravity from the "apple and tree" and wondered if gravity reached all the way to the moon. He started to study and finally figured out that the moon orbits around the Earth! Newton shows how the velocity is perfect with the moon so it perfectly orbits around our earth. This was important because it broke away from theories like
    that of Aristotle and it opened up eyes to many. Source: (Hatch)
  • Reflecting telescope

    Reflecting telescope
    Even Newton didn't make the first reflecting telescope, he made it better. Previous microscopes couldnt take in all the colors and made the image blurry but Newton fixed it making telescopes much more efficient. Even though it was very hard to make back then he still did and it was very successful. Many models of his telescope are used to this day. Source: (Amazing-Space)
  • S. Carolian is founded

    S. Carolian is founded
    South Carolina was one of the first 13 colonies in America. South Carolina was founded by 8 proprietors from King Charles the second. South carolina was very important early becuase they were the leaders in the repealing of the Stamp Act. Source: (World Atlas)
  • Britain declares war with Dutch

    Britain declares war with Dutch
    This war was in relation to the American Revolution. Sincee Dutch made foreign trades with America and America was Britains enemy, the British declared war on the Dutch. This was not a good war for the Dutch because they got pummeled by the British. This was important because it made more people against the British. Source: (Bibliotheek)
  • "Opticks" is written

    "Opticks" is written
    Opticks is a very important book to science that Newton wrote during this time. This book talks about the nature of light and what it does while passing through lenses, prisms and many other things. This book is very important in science by showing how light bends and the "inflextion" of light. Source: (Hatch)
  • Absolutism in Sweden

    Absolutism in Sweden
    In Sweden during this time, the king listened to council for advice.
    but the council started having conflicts so the king stopped listening to them. After he asked the estates wheter he was bound the council or not and they said no, absolutism began in Sweden. This made it easy for the king to make descisions with out any problems or trouble. Source: (History Learning Site)
  • Explains mathematical theory on tides

    Explains mathematical theory on tides
    Since Newton was big in finding out the gravitational pull between the Moon and Earth, he ran in to many things along the way. One of these things is the way the moon effects tides. This helps people a lot because people new when to go near the water knowing when the tides occued with the help of Newton and his theories. It also helped fishermen so they new what times would be good for fishing. Source: (Ocean Service)
  • "Philosophiae Nuturaris Principia Mathematica"

    "Philosophiae Nuturaris Principia Mathematica"
    This book by Newton was very important to science. This book was on the orbital gravity and the planets. Mostly it showed and talked about how the force that keeps the planets in orbit works with terestial gravity. This book showed the basic forces of nature and their characterization in laws of physics. This book contributed to science by making direct science possible which is the most accurate science unlike the predicting done in science before this. Source: (George)
  • Elected president of the Royal Society

    Elected president of the Royal Society
    In this time Newton was very high up in power. Newton had been a member in this society for a while and since he was so successful he even made it as president. He stayed president until his death. This was important because it made the society more popular and it added on to Newton's success. Source: (Hatch)
  • "Opticks" and the defense of the Emission Theory of Light

    "Opticks" and the defense of the Emission Theory of Light
    After many years of writing and editing opticks, it was finally published. When it was published many didn't believe what was written especially the Emission Theory of Light. Newton had to stick up for his work so people didn't think what he was writing was false. This was important because Newton actually stood up for his work which made more people accept it. Source: (Grun)
  • Death

    Isaac Newton died in London while he was sleeping. Newton died being a very successful scientist. In his end he was the president of the Royal Society, part of Parliament, found a lot on gravity, laws of motion and light. Newton contributed greatly to the world of science. Source: (Hatch)