Isaac Newton

  • Birth of Isaac Newton

    Birth of Isaac Newton
    Hannah Newton gave birth to Isaac on December 25, 1642. He was born in Woolsthorpe, England. This man was going to have the greatest mind ever to live. (Biography, pg. 56)
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    Isaac Newton's Life

    Isaac Newton lived from December 25, 1642 to March 20, 1727 and lived a long and successful life. He invented countless inventions and became one of the greatest scientists of all time. He died at the age of 83 but had one of the greatest minds to set foot on Earth.
  • La Salle the Explorer

    La Salle the Explorer
    La Salle explored the Mississippi river range in 1643. He explored this because he wanted to know a little bit more of the land. He also thought that he could bring back some materials of what he found on his journey. (
  • Thirty Year War

    Thirty Year War
    They Thirty Year War was a war between the Protestant and Catholic people in Europe. This war lasted from 1618 to 1648 since it is called the Thirty Year War. This war was one of the most religious wars to ever happen. (World History, p. 520)
  • Isaac Getting his B.A. Degree

    Isaac Getting his B.A. Degree
    Isaac Newton got his B.A. Degree in 1665. He got his B.A. Degree after his 4 years of college. which was a lot of college back when he was in school. (Biography, pg. 57)
  • Newton's Laws of Gravity

    Newton's Laws of Gravity
    Isaac Newton developed his laws of gravity in 1666. This is one of his most famous discoveries. This is also a very important discovery since this subject never came to thought before. (Newton, Encyclopedia)
  • Inventing the Reflecting Telescope

    Inventing the Reflecting Telescope
    Isaac Newton invented the reflecting telescope in 1670. He proved that light was made up of the colors of the rainbow. This was important because before he proved his theory, everyone believed that light was the same color. (Anderson, pg. 6)
  • The Popularity of the First Reflector

    The Popularity of the First Reflector
    Isaac Newton first invented the first reflector in 1668 but it then became super popular in 1671. People were very intrigued with this telescope because nobody knew what light looked like. Everyone then realized that light was the color of the rainbow and that Isaac was telling the truth about his theory. (Christianson, p. 10)
  • "Discoveries on Optics"

    "Discoveries on Optics"
    Isaac Newton wrote the book, "Discoveries in Optics" in 1672. This book described his thoughts on his laws of gravitation and motion. This was one of the first books that Isaac created. (Encyclopedia of Scientists, p. 56)
  • King Phillip's War

    King Phillip's War
    King Phillip's War was a battle between the colonists and the Native Americans in 1675. This war lasted 3 years and it was considered to be the most gory war to happen back then. The colonists ended up winning but each side lost up to hundreds to thousands of people dying. (
  • "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy"

    "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy"
    Isaac Newton created his book called, " Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy" in 1684. This book after 3 more years became published and was really popular. This book was probably his best and important book he ever wrote . (Christianson, p.10)
  • Theories of the Solar System

    Theories of the Solar System
    There were lots of theories about how the solar system looked. One theory is the Geocentric Theory which is where they thought the earth was in the center of it. The other theory is the Heliocentric Theory which is when the sun is in the center of it. (World History, p.530)
  • The Enlightenment

    The Enlightenment
    The Enlightenment was a period of time when everyone was reasoning and trying to accomplish things. This period of time was between 1650 to 1701. This was an important time in history because people got a lot done in this period of time since technology was better because the scientific revolution just happened. (World History, p. 535)
  • Scientific Revolution

    Scientific Revolution
    The Scientific Revolution first started around the early 1500's and ended in the early 1700's. The Scientific Revolution was a change in science for a long period of time. Scientific tools we getting more advanced like how the microscope and telescope were invented. (World History, p.530)
  • Isaac Gets Knighted

    Isaac Gets Knighted
    Isaac Newton got knighted by the queen in 1705. He then became Sir Isaac Newton. This is where he was most respected. (Newton, Encyclopedia)
  • Isaac Newton's Death

    Isaac Newton's Death
    After living a long life, Isaac died on March 20,1727. He was 83 years old and was one of the most life changing people. He had a super smart brain and became one of the greatest scientists of his time. (Anderson, p.5)
  • Isaac Getting His Masters Degree

    Isaac Getting His Masters Degree
    Isaac Newton got his Masters Degree in 1666. He got it after working 5 years in college. Getting his masters degree made his dreams of being a successful scientist come true. (Biography, pg. 57)