Isaac Newton

  • Birth of Isaac Newton

    Birth of Isaac Newton
    He was born on Christmas day in 1642 at Woolsthorpe Mannor. His father died a few months before isaac was born. At a young old Isaac was left by his mother to live with his grandmother.
    This event is significant because it is the beginning of the life to one of the greatest scientists.
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  • College

    For school in 1661 Isaac Newton atended Trinity College. While he attended this college he achieved some of his best scientific and mathematic acievemenets. This is where he gained his Bachelors degree.
    This is ginificant because this is where some of his greatest ideas began to emerge.
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  • achievement

    In Decemeber 2, 1666 Isaac Newton becomes declared the most advanced mathmatician of his time. One of the greatest minds to the sientific revolution. He made many contributions to the mathematic field.
    This is significant because not only did he have a mind in science but he was smart in math as well.
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  • War of Devolution

    War of Devolution
    In 1667 the war of Devolution began. This war was between France and Spain.It all started was France invaded the Netherlands. France had many allies. Ended war with the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle which demanded peace.
    This is significant because it eventually led into the Dutch war
    Source: (War of Devolution)
  • Outbreak in China

    Outbreak in China
    in 1669 an outbreak of Chloera occured in China. Chlorea is defined as an infectious and often fatal bacterial disease of the small intestine. This event occured in China and devastated many people. This is significant because it brought the people together because it killed almost 20,000 people.
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  • Appointed as Professor

    Appointed as Professor
    In 1669 He was appointed as a Lucasian Professor of Mathematics. By having this title Newton was able to do many things, such as, finding out results and organizing results. This was a big step in his career.
    This is important because he was able to find solutions and help others which helped him grow.
    Source: (Anderson 71)
  • Constitution approved

    Constitution approved
    In 1669, john Lockes Constittution for Carolina was approved. It set up systems of nobility. Which was opposite idea of John Lockes orignal beliefs. This is significant because It went against John Lockes orignal ideas, somebody couldve forced him to write this document.
    Source:( John Locke)
  • Treaty of Dover

    Treaty of Dover
    In 1670 the treaty of Dover was issued. The treaty of Dover was issued between England and France. The treaty made a deal with France that they would help England in its war against the Dutch Republic.
    Source: (the treaty
  • Invented

    In 1671 while doing a scientific expeirment Newton designed a reflecting telescope. Many scientists had problems with a microscope until Isaac Newton's Invention. He did it by simply replacing the lens. This is significant because Isaac Newton proved himself to be a very smart and intelligent scientist to many others
    source: (Newton)
  • war

    In 1671 Turks declared war on Poland. Turkey caused this by invading Poland. When a treaty ends the war in 1676 the Ukrainian empire is then divided.
    This is significant because The ukranian terriory was divided
    Source: (Wars of Poland)
  • Arabic Bible

    Arabic Bible
    In 1671 a bible in Arabic was published. The arabic bibled was published in Rome during this time. Helped many languages with their faith
    This is significant because it was the first Arabic bible to be published.
  • newton and color

    newton and color
    In 1672 Isaac Newton is the first to understamd light and colors. He understands the concepts of colors and that it is not just light and dark mixed. He disproved Hookes theory to come up with his own. He created a wheel to show what he learned and to make the concept easy for everyone else.
    This is important because colors is a huge part of daily life and he was one of the first people to be able to explain the concept of it.
    Source: (Newton and the color septrum)
  • Principa

    In 1687 the Principia was published. The principia was a big book written by Newton. This book explained nd confirmed many of his experiments.
    This event is important because it was a huge milestone in scientific history.
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  • idea of gravity

    idea of gravity
    in 887 Isaac Newton concluded his theory of gravity. Newton believed tha gravity was a universal force. He came up with three laws of motion that are still used in modern day science.
    This is significant because this discovery helped shaped the future and his still used in present day.
    Source: (Hakim 154)
  • Royal Society

    Royal Society
    In 1703 Isaac Newton was elected the president of the Royal Society. Hooke really wanted this position but died the year Isaac was granted it.
    This is significant because it shows how Isaacs science side grew into a political life.
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  • Death

    On March 20, 1727 Newton died as an 84 year old man. Through Newtons life he accomplished many things and lived a full life. His accomplishment through his many years made him a well known man today.
    This is significant because it is the end of the life to one of sciences greatest man.
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