Isaac Newton

  • English Civil War

    English Civil War
    The English Civil War had lasted from 1642-1649. The English Civvil War was when the Puritan supporters of Parliament battled supporters of England's monarchy. At first neither side could gain a lasting advantage. Untill 1644 when they found a general who could win, it was Oliver Cromwell. (World History: Patterns of Interaction)
  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    Hannah Newton and Isaac Newton were the parents of Isaac Newton. He was named after his father and was born in Woolsthrope Manor,Lincolnshire, England on Christmas Day. His father had died the October before he was born. He was born prematurely and was not expected to survive. (Isaac Newto te Greatest Scientist of All Time)
  • The Mauritanian Thirty-Year War.

    The Mauritanian Thirty-Year War.
    This war was also known as the Char Bouba War. It took place from 1644-1674 in Mauritania and Western Sahara. It was fought between the Sanhadja Berber tribes. They were led in battle by Ibrahim Aroussi. The defeat of the native tribes resulted in a mandatory surrender of arms. (
  • The Restoration

    The Restoration
    Oliver Cromwell had ruled from 1644 until his death. Not long after his death the government collapsed and they searched for a new Parliament. In 1659, Charles II was voted to rule England. Charles II restored the monarchy, theater, sporting events and even dancing. So ecause of this, his period of time that he ruled over England was called Restoration. (World History: Patterns of Interaction)
  • Isaac Newton "Miracle Years"

    Isaac Newton "Miracle Years"
    1665-1666 are the years when Isaac had the most success. He mastered the works of the most advanced matematicians of his. By May 1665, Newton had composed his first major mathematical paper at Cambridge. Also completed a secound one in November. By late 1666, he had become known as the most advanced mathematician the world had yet known. (Isaac Newton and the Scientific Reveolution)
  • The Great Fire of London

    The Great Fire of London
    In London, it was very common to have fires. So when this fire occured no one thought of it as a big deal. Although after awhile, throught the weather conditions, the wind rose and the fire spread all across London. The fire lasted four days and four nights and destoryed eighty-seven chruches and thirteen thousand homes. (Isaac Newton the Greatest Scientist of All Time)
  • Newton is appointed Professor of Mathematics

    Newton is appointed Professor of Mathematics
    Two years after retuning to Cambridge he was appointed Lucasian professor of mathematics.This offered Newton the oppurtunity to organize his earlier researches. (Isaac Newton Biography)
  • Peter the Great becomes joint ruler of Russia

    Peter the Great becomes joint ruler of Russia
    Peter the Great ruled from 1682 until his death. He was the first joint ruler with his half-brother Ivan V until 1696. After that Peter ruled alone until he ruled jointly with his wife "Catherine I" in 1724. (Roots Web's World Connect Project)
  • Newton returns to the study of Gravity

    Newton returns to the study of Gravity
    When Isaac returned to investgating the laws of gravity he developed many theories. Including his theory of Universal Gravitation, which states that every object in the universe attracts another object with a force. In this time he also developed his three laws of motion. (
  • Principia is published

    Principia is published
    The principia contains the three laws of motion and is seperated into three books. It is one of the most important scientific books ever written. In the first book it states Isaac's "Newton's Law of Motion". In the secound book states Descartes' system. Then finally the third book extended his three laws of motion. (Isaac Newton Biography)
  • The Glorious Revolution

    The Glorious Revolution
    In 1685, Charles II died and James II became king. James had an older named Mary who was also the wife of William of Orange (prince of Netherlands). Seven members of Parliament invited them to overthrow James. So in 1688 when Willia led his army to London, James fled France. This bloodless overthrow of King James II and his replacement was known as The Glorious Revolution. (World History: Patterns of Interaction)
  • Newton suffers break down

    Newton suffers break down
    From Isaac's overwork and stress of controversy and the unexplained loss of friendship with Fatio caused Isaac to suffer a nervous disorder. Eventually he did fully recover. (
  • Newton is appointed Master of the Mint

    Newton is appointed Master of the Mint
    In 1696 Newton was appointed Warden and then Master of the Mint. With this new position he moved to London without any regret. He was a very active and able administrator. (Isaac Newton Biography)
  • Newton becomes president of the royal society

    Newton becomes president of the royal society
    Hooke had died the year of 1703. This was when Newton was appointed president of the Royal society. He was president until his death in 1727. (Isaac Newton Biography)
  • Newton is knighted by Queen Anne

    Newton is knighted by Queen Anne
    Isaac's country didn't officially recognize his work until Newton was knighted by Queen Anne in 1705. He was the first to recieve a knighthood for a scientific achievement. (Isaac Newton Biography)
  • Death of Isaac Newton

    Death of Isaac Newton
    Isaac had spent his whole life in England and by the time of his death was known throughout Europe as a great scientist. His work of physics, mathematics and astronomy is still important and used by us today. He had died at the age of 84 and was buried in Westminster Abbey. (