Isaac Newton

  • English civil war

    English civil war
    the English Civil War which was also known as the Great Rebellion happened in 1642 and lasted until 1651. The war was between Charles l who was the monarchy and Parliament. This is an important event because king Charles l was executed. Parliament won the war but Charles ll became king. This rebellion established that the king could not rule without the support of Parliament(
  • Isaac Newton was born

    Isaac Newton was born
    On Christmas day in 1642, Isaac Newton was born. His genius can't be explained by his family back round. His father was a farmer and his mom knew how to write. At 5 years old he went to school and he grew up to have one of the best minds of all time. Isaac Newton's birth was significant because he did many things in his life that would help the lives of others and he discovered many things about the world through science ( Anderson 1-10).
  • Charles l is beheaded

    Charles l is beheaded
    On January 30, 1649 King Charles l was beheaded for treason. King Charles l dissolved Parliament in 1629 and wanted Parliament to not have any say in ruling England. This led to the English civil war. During the civil war Charles surrendered and was put into court where he was convicted of treason and sentenced to death. this was significant because now Parliament had a say in ruling England but also Charles son, Charles ll, became king ( king-charles-l).
  • Olivier Cromwell dies

    Olivier Cromwell dies
    On September 3, 1658 Oliver Cromwell dies at Whitehall. He died from Malaria. his death was important becasue he did many things throughout his life. He was elected to parilamnet in 1628, he was part of the english civil war, he was a commander at the battle of Naseby, and he was in Ireland and Scotland to command campaigns(
  • Charles ll is king of England

    Charles ll is king of England
    Charles the second was elected king of England in 1661. He was elected after the English goverenment collapsed. this event was significant becuase he recieved his own standing army, able to kill officials that killed his father, and he agreed to honor the Petition of Right(
  • plague in London

    plague in London
    in the spring and summer of 1665 london suffered the disaster of the Bubonic Plaue. It was known as the Black Death and the disease turned peoples' skin black in patches and inflamed glands in the grion area. it also made the vitum vomit, swollen tingue appeared, and headaches. this event was significant beacause it killed thousands of poeple and poeple fled the area to get away from the horrible disease(
  • calculus

    in 1665 isaac newton discovered and developed calculus. Newtonknew the concepts of calculus sense he was already describing gravity and planets. The problem was that he needed to write it down and showing proof that it works. This event is significant because he figured out something that no body could solve which helps show that he is a brilliant man and also calculus is still used today( futureism,com).
  • reflecting telescope

    reflecting telescope
    in 1668 Isacc Newton invented the reflecting telescope. He made it with mirrors and was the first perosn to produce a working reflecting telescope. this event is important beacuse it was so successful that he got elected to membership to the royal Society(
  • royal society

    royal society
    Isaac Newton was elected into the royal society in 1672. The royal society is the oldest national scientific society in the world. he was elected into it after the demonstration of the reflecting telescope. this event was importsnt because he ws able to publishe his notes on optics to others so they could learn from him(
  • colour spectrum

    colour spectrum
    In 1672 Isaac Newton discovered the colour spectrum. He discovered that light is made of particles not waves. he believed that white light makes all 7 colors. He chose that number of colors because 7 is a mystical number according to tthe Ancient Greek. this event was significant because this helps us understand everything about waves, light, and how our eyes work when seeing colors(
  • laws of motion

    laws of motion
    In 1686 Isaac Newton he discovered the 3 laws of motion. The first law was if an object is at rest or moving at a constant speed, it will remain at rest or keep moving in a straight line unless a force is acted upon it. The seond law is F=ma. The third law states that an object apply forces to one another that are equal in magnitde and opposite in direction. This discovery is important because it helps us understand things around us(
  • discovered gravity

    discovered gravity
    In 1686 Isaac Newton dicovered gravity. The idea of gravity came in mind to Isaac when he was sitting under an apple tree and an apple hit him on the head. this leads him to the theory of gravity. This event is important because it helps oter scientist learn more about space, planets, and life itself(
  • publication of Principia

    publication of Principia
    In 1687 Isaac Newton published the Principia. the Principia was about mathematical terms, time, force, and motion. He discribed acceleration, deceleration, and interail movement. This event was significant because most of his work was published so that everyone can learn from his discoveries. The younger ones could become smarter and mabye even discover someone else in the future( Isaac Asimov).
  • glorious revolution

    glorious revolution
    In 1688 the glorious revolution also known as the revoltion of 1688 or bloodless revolution took place. It was time when king James ll was overthrown by William of Orange and his wife Mary. king James fled to france so there was no blood involved that's why it is known as the bloodless revoltuion. This event was important because it shifted the way the ocuntry is goverened(
  • Master of Mint

    Master of Mint
    In 1696 Isaac Newton became the master of the royal mint. He was the master until his death in 1727. this event was significant because during the time of being master of the royal mint he reformed that nations cionage(
  • death

    Isaac Newton died on March 20, 1727. He was experiencing digestion problems and in march he had severe pain in his stomach and black out. He never regain consciousness. He died at the age of 84. This event was important because after his death he became even more famous. People named him the greatest genius who ever lived( Gale E. Christanson ).