Isaac Newton (Philosopher)

  • Young Isaac Newton

    Young Isaac Newton
    Young Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1942. When he was born his mother did not expect him to survive the first day because he was so weak. He father had passed away three months before young Isaac was born and within two years of his birth he lost his mother as well which left him traumatized causing him to develop an acute insecurity which later caused him to acquire psychotic tendencies. He was exceptionally smart, sort of like a genius child that quickly excelled in math and science.
  • The Great Plague Comes to Cambridge

    The Great Plague Comes to Cambridge
    In 1665, The Great Plague had ravished Europe and then spread to Cambridge resulting in the school to be closed.
  • Isaac Newton Retruns to Cambridge

    Isaac Newton Retruns to Cambridge
    Isaac Newton returned to Cambridge in February 20, 1666 where through his studies he was able to graduate and get his M.A. and B.A in law. His education allowed him to excel in his studies where he became a English physicist and a mathematician who was responsible for the developing the principles of modern physics. Newton believed in the Law of Motion was more famous for his Law of gravitation. He was accredited as one of the greatest minds that ever lived during the 17th century.
  • Isaac Newton's Apple Myth Discovery

    Isaac Newton's Apple Myth Discovery
    Isaac Newton had his first experience with gravity when he was inspired by a falling apple. Legend has it that he was sitting under a apple tree when a apple fell and hit him on the head causing him to quickly come up with the theory of motion and gravity. (The Force Law)
  • Isaac Newton's Discoveries

    Isaac Newton's Discoveries
    Isaac Newtons discoveries were made in optics, motion and mathematics. Newton had a theory that white light was the composition of all the color spectrum. Now that light would have a composition of particles according to the theory. Another discovery was the apple myth discovery. Isaac Newton played an important role in the discovery of Scientific Evolution which helped in the advancement of physics, mathematics, natural science and astronomy. (Newton explored the law of planetary motion.)
  • Issac Newton's Inventions

    Issac Newton's Inventions
    Newton's major scientific achievement was his design, ability, and skills in the construction of the clock and the windmill and the telescope. Through his inventions and discoveries the term Newtonian would represent bodies of knowledge that was true to his theories as well as his skills in making machines.
  • Isaac Newton's Study Of Optics

    Isaac Newton's Study Of Optics
    What Newton learned with optics was that light refracted through prisms. This lead to the discovery that the suns light was composed of all colors. This is what caused him to invent the reflecting telescope.
  • Isaac Newton's Invents His Reflecting Telescope

    Isaac Newton's Invents His Reflecting Telescope
    Isaac Newton invented the telescope when he had become fascinated with astrology and the law of planetary motion. It was known as the Newtonian reflector. It was designed to be able to see planets and stars much closer. His reflecting telescope was built off of the ideas and theories of people that came before him.
  • Isaac Netwons Influential Writings and Books

    Isaac Netwons Influential Writings and Books
    In the 1687, Newton had published his book containing his writings which was known as the (Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy). This book was the most influential book on physics and all science. The publication of the book allowed Newton to become famous internationally.
  • Isaac Netwon's Three Laws of Motion

    Isaac Netwon's Three Laws of Motion
    Isaac Newton's Three Laws of Motion were:
    1. A stationary body will remain stationary unless an outside force is applied to it.
    1. Force is equal to mass times acceleration and a change in motion and speed is proportional to the force that is applied.
    2. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  • Isaac's Law of Gravity

    Isaac's Law of Gravity
    The theory of gravity explains how the planets are kept in orbit by the pull of the sun's gravity. The theory explains how the comets are revolving in orbits around the sun. He had the knowledge he needed to calculate the mass of all the planets one by one, calculate how flat the Earth was at the poles and the budging at the equator. His theory explained how the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon created the earths tides. Newton's theory of gravity showed what kept the earth balanced.
  • The Death Of Isaac Newton (Final Years)

    The Death Of Isaac Newton (Final Years)
    Toward the end of Newton's life, he ended up staying with his niece and her husband. He was amongst the most famous men in Europe. His contributions and his discoveries in science have left him unchallenged. But when he turned 80 years old, he started to have severe digestive problems which caused a dramatic change in his diet and mobility. On 03/30/1727, Isaac Newton had felt a severe pain in his stomach and he blacked out and never woke up. He died the next day 03/31/1727.