Isaac Newton Timeline

  • Isaac is Born!

    Isaac was born to Hannah Newton who was recently widowed by the death of Isaac's father. Isaac was born in Woolsthrope, Linconshire, England.
  • Isaac Gets Abandoned!

    Isaac was abandoned by his mother because she was to marry a rich clergyman who said that Isaac was no to be allowed into his home. the date is aproximate, He was abandoned sometime in 1645 actual date unknown.
  • The Reverend dies!

    The dreaded step-father dies. Hannah becomes a rich widow and takes Isaac back in at Woolsthrope manor,
  • Isaac goes off to school

    Isaac gets sent off to King Edward Grammar School in Grantham. He was boarded at the apothecary of William Clark during this time.
  • Period: to

    Isaac's Time at KEGS

    During this time Isaac was in and out of school because his mother kept pulling him out to do work on the farm. But his uncle fianlly got him to stay despite Hannah's objections.
  • Isaac Enters College!

    This was the year that Newton entered college at Trinity College at Cambridge University. He entered as a subsizar. A poor student that had to preform meinal tasks for other students to pay for tuition.
  • Crisis!

    At around this time Isaac had some sort of religous crisis. He proceded to write down all of his sins that he had ever committed. There were some small things like "Neglecting to Pray". On this list there were also some pretty serious things, he had once threatened to burn down his parent's house with them in it.
  • Period: to

    Isaac's time at Cambridge (More or Less)

    This was the time period that Newton spent at Cambridge University. Both as a student, fellow, and professor.
  • Period: to

    Rooming With Wickins

    During this period of 20 years Newton had the same roomate. John Wickins. They had both dispised their previous roomates and decided to "Chum" together. This continued for the next, as I have said before, 20 years.
  • Barrow Arrives!

    Isaac Barrow, the first mathmatics prefessor at Trinity, arrives and he is the one of the few teacher's lectures Newton attends regulary.
  • Isaac Graduates! (But not really)

    In January of 1665 Isaac recived his Bachelors Degree at Cambridge. But of course he still stays there to study and experiment. Ugggh, can you imagine? Staying somewhere for 35 years just to STUDY? It must have been terrible
  • Isaac Joins The Royal Society

    Issac was invited to join the Royal Society Of London after his discovery of the reflecting telescope. He then went on to become the president of the RS.
  • The Principia Gets Published!

    Newton's compliation of all of his life's work (or most of it) was put together in one big book. This book was called "The Principia". It was not until later that it was translated into different languages and made easier to read for it was extremely complicated and hard to understand.
  • Isaac Becomes Warden of the Mint!

    Isaac Became the warden of the mint after he left Cambridge. He was given this position by a friend who had a high ranking position in the government. He then became the head of the mint later on.
  • Acheivement Get!: Master of the Mint!

    Isaac got the position of Master of the Mint after three years of work there. He got this position only after the previous master died.
  • Isaac Becomes President! (Of the Royal Society)

    On 1703 Newton was elected president of the Royal Society of London. He kept this position until he died.
  • Opticks!

    Isaac's book about the nature of light was published in 1704. For some reason he waited for years to publish the book. It had been written years before.
  • Period: to

    The Crimson Years

    These were Isaac's last years. They were nicknamed "The Crimson Years" because of the furnishings in his mansion. They were all crimson. During this time he actually became "Jolly" he laughed more often and was actually happy.
  • Isaac's Death.

    Isaas died in 1727 at the age of 84. He died a loaner never having any relationships beyond friendly with anyone.His current resting place is at Westminster Abbey in London, England.