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Isaac Newton

  • English Civil War

    English Civil War
    In 1642,King Charles I quarreled with Parliament. Oliver Cromwell,who was a puritan,led a rebellion against the King.this led to a civil war that lasted six and a half years. There are two groups one was Royalists,who support the king and the other was Roundheads,who support the Parliament.
    This event is important because it tell us about how people of England fighting for their rights against the King.People are tired of monarchy and want Parliament.
  • Newton Birth The Christmas GIFT

    Newton Birth The Christmas GIFT
    Isaac Newton was born on Christmas day December 25,1642 ,at woolsthorpe,lincolnshire.Newton"s father died three month before his only child was born.
    This event is important because it tells early life of Sir Isaac Newton.Sir Isaac Newton went to village school.In 1655 he went King's school at the home of the pharmacist at Grathnam.He was more interested in making mechanical devices than in studying.His youthful inventions included a small windmill,a water clock and sundial.
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  • Period: to

    Sir Isaac Newton

    Isaac Newton was a great scientist.He made many contribution to science.Newton proposed idea of gravity which we are carrying out till now.Newton all life about science and great great ideas which make science a lot change.
  • Execution of Charles I

    Execution of Charles I
    On 30 January 1649, King Charles I was beheaded outside Banqueting House in Whitehall. The assembled crowd is reported to have groaned as the axe came down.The execution of Charles I destroyed the idea of an all-powerful and unquestionable monarch.
    This event is important because it shows how the people of England won against absolute monarchy.King was executed and new goverment formed.Oliver Cromwell became a military dectator of England.
    (Source:Execution of Charles I)
  • Aurangzeb Took The Throne

    Aurangzeb Took The Throne
    In the struggle for power (1657–59), Aurangzeb showed tactical and strategic military skill. Decisively defeating Dārā at Samugarh in May 1658, he confined his father in his own palace at Agra. In consolidating his power, Aurangzeb caused one brother’s death and had two other brothers, a son, and a nephew executed.
    This event is important because it tell us about how Aurangzeb took the throne by defeating his brothers.Aurangzeb also put his father in house arrest.
  • Newton's Recalled by his Mother

    Newton's Recalled by his Mother
    Newton left school when he was 14 to help his widowed mother and to manage her farm,but he spent so much time in reading books.He sent back to school because of his interest.
    This event tell us about Newton interest in study and his family conditions.How he began his strugel to a successful life.
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  • Reign of Kangxi Emperor Begins

     Reign of Kangxi Emperor Begins
    The Kangxi emperor was one of the longest ruling emperors in Chinese history, whose reign (1661-1722) saw the consolidation of Manchu rule over China and the expansion of the Qing empire.
    This event is important because it tell us how he role in Chinese Emperor came what he did during his reign.He was a longest Emperor of China.
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  • Newton's B.A Degree

    Newton's B.A Degree
    In 1665,Newton earn his B.A degree from trinity college,Cambridge.After earning his degree Newton left college when the universities shutdown because of an out break of Plague.
    This event is important because it tell us about Sir Newton qualification and circumstances when he was in college.
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  • Sir Newton's The Wonderous Year

    Sir Newton's The Wonderous Year
    Time period between outbreak of plague was his achievements in the ensuring period of forced retirement later led historians to call it Annus Mirabils.In addition to inventing both integral and differential Calcus by late 1666,he developed the concept of gravity(inspired by a falling apple).
    This event is important because it was the most significant years of Newton's life and about his inventions.
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  • The Great Fire of London

     The Great Fire of London
    The Great Fire of London of September 1666 was one of the most famous incidents in Stuart England. Just as the city was recovering from the Great Plague. The fire start from baker's house and slowly burns major part of city which is harmful event in history.
    This event is important because its a seacond event for England which harm a much.These event was very horrible in history and trageties.
    (Source:The Great Fire of London of 1666)
  • Newton's Return and M.A degree

    Newton's Return and M.A degree
    In1667,Newton returned to Trinity college and elected as fellow.After the outbreak of plague He was awarded his master's degree in 1668.In 1669,Newton was appoinated the Seacond Luccasian Professor of Mathematics.
    This event tell us how Newton increasing his knowledge and getting into science completely.How Sir Newton maintain life and get into depth of study.
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  • Newton's First Reflecting Telescope

    Newton's First Reflecting Telescope
    In 1670,Newton had designed and constructed the first working reflecting telescope.A mirror can give sharper image than a lens,since a lens focuses different colors at slightly different,an effect called Chromatic Aberration.
    This event is important because it tell us about sir Newton great invention and his work on optics.He also gives lecture on optics at cambride college.
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  • Edmond Halley Visited Newton

    Edmond Halley Visited Newton
    In august 1684 he famous astronmor Edmond Halley visited Newton in order to discuss Kepler's theories.Edmound was very impress by the work of Newton.Edmound tries to convince Sir Newton to publish his work which is big factor in Sir Newton's life.
    This event is significant because Sir Newton work become popular and this visit leads to writing of Principia which important element in history.
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  • Publication of "Principia"

    Publication of "Principia"
    The"Principia" a landmark in history of world,showedthat all Newton's motion laws including First,Seacond,Third law of motion.Edmound Halley agreed to finance the publication by himself.
    This event tell us about Sir Newton's work and his book published includes his Laws of Motion.Greatest book of science ever written.
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  • Glorious Revolution

    Glorious Revolution
    The Glorious Revolution of 1688’, ended the reign of James II and ushered in the reign of William III and Mary II. The 1688 Revolution came at the end of a reign when James II. People of England dont want king like James II.
    This event is important because it tell us how Glorious Revolution take place.People doesnt want King like Charles I.This was very beautiful change in England history.
    (Source;The 1688 Revolution)
  • Sir Newton elected President of Royal Society

    Sir Newton elected President of Royal Society
    In 1703,Sir Newton was elected President of Royal Society,a post he retained until his death.Although his namesis,Jhon Hooke,died in 1703.In 1705 he was knighted in 1705 by Queen.
    This event is significant because it shows Sir Newton respect and his goals.He get this post by his hardwork and great skills which he have.These things make him rememberable in history.
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  • Sir Isaac Newton Death

    Sir Isaac Newton Death
    Sir Isaac Newton died in 1727,At the age of 85.He was buried in Westminster Abbey.An outstanding scientist of ages,he recognized his debt to those who went before,He said "If i have seen further than others,it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants"
    This event is significant about Sir Newton death.Great scientist end his life by making an great contribution.Science remembers Newton ever.
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