Isaac Newton Timeline

By Gtladd
  • Taj Mahal completed

    Taj Mahal completed
    The Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World is a symbol of India's culture and history. It is located on the bank of the Yumana river in Agra, India. It was built by the Shah Jahan and finished in 1643. The Taj Mahal is truly a work of art, combining designs from Persian, Indian, and Islamic influences ("The Taj Mahal").
  • Birth

    Isaac Newton was born on January 4, 1643, however according to the old Julien calendar it was December 25,1642. He was born in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England. Isaac was born into a family of farmers. He never knew his father, who died 3 months before Isaac was born. In addition, his mother Hannah Ayscough remarried, leaving Isaac for his grandmother. Her name was Margery Ayscough, and that was who he spent his rough childhood with("Sir Isaac Newton").
  • End of Ming Dynasty

    End of Ming Dynasty
    The end of the Ming dynasty was the fall of the last ethnic Chinese dynasty. The Ming dynasty brought foreign trade art and literature to China, helping the country prosper. However, the decline was caused by rebellions and civil wars, natural disasters, and foreign wars. The end of the Ming dynasty brought along the new dynasty to China, the Qing dynasty (Fercility).
  • Charles II King

    Charles II King
    Charles II was restored as king in 1660. This event is significant toward Isaac Newton, because Charles supported science and the Royal society, as well as having interests in science. Therefore, Isaac could continue on his radical research and experiments without a problem. In addition, Charles II founded the Royal Society, in which Isaac would later be in (Anderson 28).
  • Black Death Plague

    Black Death Plague
    The black Death Plague once again broke out in London in 1664. This disease killed 1/4 people in London and an estimated 100,000 people. This disease caused a rebuild in London's economy (Anderson 28).
  • Used Calculus

    Used Calculus
    Isaac Newton is known as the first person to start using fluxions (now calculus) to solve more complex math problems. He came up with this new branch of math while trying to solve algebra problems for the variable "x". This new area of math was used by Isaac very much in physics. This discovery was very important because it's used in jobs and colleges in physics, computer science, statistics, engineering, economics, and business (Anderson 35).
  • Created Reflecting Telescope

    Created Reflecting Telescope
    Isaac Newton created the reflecting telescope to help him study light and optics. This new telescope worked better than the original telescope, because he removed the lens. With this, he discovered a lot about white light and light colors bending. The field of study of light and optics changed forever once this reflecting telescope was made ( Editors).
  • Published Light and Colors

    Published Light and Colors
    Isaac Newton published his article and theory on light and colors in the Philosophical Transactions. Newton wrote this because he had a theory that light was particles not waves. All the time before this article, Robert Hatch convinced the world light was waves. However, Isaac Newton proved this theory wrong. This writing is known as the first scientific article ever written. It taught the world that light was actually made of particles (Hatch).
  • Discourse Of Observations

    Discourse Of Observations
    The Discourse of Observations was Newton's theory on light corpuscles. He had experimented on theories about light, and came up with his on idea. He pretty much came up with the bending back and reflection of light when it passes through the ether. This discovery made by Isaac was very important because it helped to change how light is perceived and what happens with light (Christianson 76)
  • Publishes Principia

    Publishes Principia
    Isaac published his book called Philosophae Naturalis Principia Mathematica in 1687. This book is the most influential physics book ever written. It contains all essential physics concepts except for energy. This book helped to explain the laws of motion and the theory of gravity. The main parts of it's book were the three laws; 1. Bodies only move when a force is applied, 2. F=MA, 3. Every action has equal and opposite reaction. Principia is the basis of modern physics ( Editors).
  • Peter The Great Czar

    Peter The Great Czar
    When Peter the Great became the czar of Russia in 1689, he decided to change the whole landscape of the country. After visiting European countries, he decided to Westernize Russia, changing it to be more similar European countries. For example he built a new capital and port city (St Petersburg).He also built a powerful navy and got Russia more involved in trade with other European countries. Once Peter became czar, he changed Russia for better or worse significantly ("1600-1699 World History).
  • Appointed Warden

    Appointed Warden
    For all of Newton's life he had sought after the position of Warden. when he finally got it in 1696, he decided to make some changes. He changed the British currency from silver to gold coins he also became master, and punished counterfeiters. This new job caused him to move to London. Newton enjoyed this job, and approached it in earnest ( Editors).
  • Publishes Opticks

    Publishes Opticks
    Isaac Newton published his first edition of Opicks, in which he wrote about his discoveries on light. He discovered that white light is a mix of colors and that it can be separated into it's component parts in a prism. By discovering these, Newton countered that light is simple and homogeneous, which was easily believed and accepted by most people (Anirudh).
  • Newton is Knighted

    Newton is Knighted
    In 1705, Newton gets knighted by Queen Anne. This is significant because he got the respect and appreciation in which he deserved. Queen Anne reconizes all he has done, and decides to reward him. By getting knighted, Newton became only the second scientist to ever get knighted (Anirudh).
  • War of Spanish Succession Begins

    War of Spanish Succession Begins
    The formation of the United Kingdom was the countries of England, Scotland, and Wales. In 1707 they were joined by the Parliamentary Act of Union. The United Kingdom is known as the home for Parliamentary democracy (1700-1799 World History).
  • Death

    Isaac Newton died when he was 84 years old, in London, England. He died from severe abdominal pains which were caused by digestion problems. Even though Newton is no longer with us, his legacy lives on through his groundbreaking discoveries in physics, math, and optics. He was truly a pioneer in the world's history ( Editors).