Isaac Newton

  • Born

    On December 25, 1642, the widowed farmer Hannah Newton had a son named Isaac. He was very weak. Two women sent to get medicine for Isaac after he was born sat down to rest, instead of hurrying, as they thought he would be already dead. His neck was to weak to support his head, so he was given a coller to keep his head upright. As he would become one of the greatest scientists of all time, Isaac's birth is important (Christianson 10).
  • Charles I Beheaded

    Charles I Beheaded
    The English Civil War was fought between Oliver Cromwell and the king, Charles I. Oliver Cromwell and his forces defeateed the king, taking control of the government. Charles was executed on this date. It was the first time that a king had been executed in public, and therefor important (Christionson 8).
  • Goes to Cambridge University

    Goes to Cambridge University
    In June 1661, Isaac Newton went to Cambridge University. When he arrived, he spent money on supplies. At college, Newton got a proper education, which was important for him to make his later discoveries (Anderson 19).
  • Plague strikes England

    Plague strikes England
    The infamous bubonic plague reaches London. Carried by fleas and rats, the deadly desease causes severely disrupts life in London. Many flee to the countryside, including Newton. While at his childhood home, Newton makes some of his greatest discoveries (Christianson 34).
  • Experiments with light Spectrums

    Experiments with light Spectrums
    At Newton's home, he experamented with prisms and light. He discovered the light spectrum, and that colors were not modifications of white light. This is important as he had discovered how light really works (Christianson 42).
  • Creates Calculus

    Creates Calculus
    While at his home, Newton creates the first form of calculus. With calculus, one can compute problems in which the values are always changing. This made Newton the world's most advanced mathemition at the time. Calculus is a very important discovery as it is very usefull tool in calculating the motion of objects (Christianson 37).
  • Great fire of London

    Great fire of London
    On Septemberr 1, 1666, a fire broke out on Pudding lane in London. It quickly spread throughout the city, destroying 13,200 houses. It was important as it destroyed much of London (Abernethy 1-3).
  • Early work on Gravity

    Early work on Gravity
    In the common legend, a falling apple inspires Newton to theorize about gravity. While at his childhood home, and upon witnessing the apple, he began to contemplate gravity. In his mind, he imagined shooting a ball from a cannon at faster and faster speeds, until it orbits the earth. However, he could not get his math to confirm this at the time. It was not until many years latter that Isaac would get this calculations to work. Newton's work on gravity is important because it is used for calcula
  • Builds 1st Reflecting telescope

    Builds 1st Reflecting telescope
    In 1668, Newton created the first reflecting telescope. It was many times more powerfull than other telescopes at the time, and produced a clearer image. This discovery is important, because many modern telescopes are based on his design (Isaac 1).
  • Glorious Revolution

    Glorious Revolution
    In 1668, William of Orange marched his army on London. The previous king, Jame II, fled. William agreed to share power with Parliament. This is important as it was a bloodless exchange of power (Skip Knox 1).
  • Quakers arive in America

  • Quarrels with Robert Hooke

    Quarrels with Robert Hooke
    Robert Hooke had published his theory of how light traveled, but it contradicted Newton's experaments. The two quarelled about who was right. The argument became heated, and the two began thier long history of detesting each other. This is important as it provoced Newton to Temporarily withdraw from the Royal Society (Isaac 1).
  • States Three Laws of Motion

    States Three Laws of Motion
    In 1687, Newton published his three laws of motion. These stated that objects in motion stay in motion, F=MA, and every action has an equal and opposite reaction. These are used to calculate the orbits of planets. (Isaac 1).
  • Salem Witch Trials

    Salem Witch Trials
    In the winter of 1961, in the Puritan town of Salem, Massachusetts, a strange wave of witch accusitions occured. Nineteen people were executed for being witches. There are various explanations for the trials. They are important because innocent people died (Campbell 1)
  • Suffers Nervous Breakdown

    Suffers Nervous Breakdown
    In 1692, Isaac Newton suffered a nervous breakdown. This was due to the mental strain of publishing his Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica. He was never the same, which makes this event important (Isaac 1).
  • Dies

    Newton attended a meeting of the royal society on March 2, 1727. On the way back to his house, he became ill. By the 20th he was dead. He was 84. Newton would no longer contribute anything to science (Anderson 97).