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Huey Newton and the Black Panther Party

By hnbpp
  • Huey Newton is born

    "Huey Newton born to Walter Newton and Armelia Johnson. He was the youngest among the seven siblings. His father was a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP). Despite being poor, the family was close-knit." [The Famous People]
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    Huey Newton and the Black Panther Party

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  • Huey Newton meets Bobby Seale

    In September of 1962, Bobby Seale met Huey P. Newton. A native of Louisiana, Newton had lived in Oakland since the age of three. Newton attended Merritt College, but at the time of their meeting he was attending Oakland City Law School. The two met at a rally protesting the Cuban Blockade. They quickly became friends and political confidants.[Mark Bagley Pabook Libraries]
  • The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense is founded

    "On this date in 1966, the Black Panther Party (BPP) was founded. It was a Black political organization; originally known as the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense." [Aaregistry]
  • Drafting of the Ten-Point Program

    Drafting of the Ten-Point Program
  • The First BPP Office

    The First BPP Office
    "First BPP office opens at 5624 Grove Street, Oakland, CA. Panthers patrol the street of Oakland." [itsabouttime]
  • Denzell Dowell is murdered

    April 1st, 1967, Denzel Dowell (age 22), was shot and killed by an "officer of the Martinez Sheriff's Department" [mindfully] The event led to the commencing of the party's use of armed resistance from police brutality.
  • Start of the BPP News Service

    Start of the BPP News Service
    The first issue of the Black Panther Party Black Community News Service is published. This four-page mimeograph newspaper headlines "Why Was Denzil Dowell Killed?" [itsabouttime]
  • The BPP invades California's Capitol

    The BPP invades California's Capitol
    "Armed Panthers invade the capitol in California to protest legislation limiting their right to bear arms [Mulford Act]." [iveknownrivers]
  • Newton Found Guilty

    "Newton found guilty of voluntary manslaughter of an Oakland police officer and is sentenced to two to 15 years; an appeals court reverses the conviction; two more trials end in mistrials." [iveknownrivers]
  • Free Huey Campaign at its peak

    Free Huey Campaign at its peak
    The likeness of Huey P. Newton and the “Free Huey” slogan were emblazoned on flags, buttons, t-shirts, and posters; through heavy marketing this propaganda became “as popular among white radicals as antiwar buttons with peace signs.” [30] The hype of the Free Huey movement perhaps was represented best at the Oakland rally held in his honor on February 17, 1968, [31] where the merger with SNCC was announced. [xroads virginia edu]
  • Founding of the NY BPP Chapter

    Founding of the NY BPP Chapter
  • Voting

    "Panther volunteers register Oakland citizens to vote." (itsabouttime).
  • The Free Breakfast for Children Program

    The Free Breakfast for Children Program
    "The Free Breakfast for School Children is about to cover the country and be initiated in every chapter and branch of tile Black Panther Party. This program was created because the Black Panther Party understands that our children need a nourishing breakfast every morning so that they can learn." [marxists]
  • Police Brutality during the San Francisco Protests

    Police Brutality during the San Francisco Protests
    "In San Francisco, police officers tear gas, fire upon using automatic weapons, and raid Party office. A total of 16 Panthers are arrested." [itsabouttime]
  • BPP Opens a Free Medical Clinic in Seattle

    BPP Opens a Free Medical Clinic in Seattle
  • Publishing "Revolutionary Suicide"

    "Newton published his autobiography ‘Revolutionary Suicide’ in 1973" (thefamouspeople)
  • Huey Arrested Again

    "Newton is charged with murdering a prostitute and pistol-whipping a tailor and flees to Cuba, turning the Party over to Elaine Brown. He returns three years later, and is in and out of prison for that offense and for others over the next 15 years." [iveknownrivers]
  • FBI Involvement

    FBI Involvement
    "A Senate Intelligence Committee reveals the contents of an FBI report that shows that the FBI encouraged warfare between Black groups in California in late 1960's." [iveknownrivers]
  • Newtons Earns His Ph.D.

    "earned a Ph.D. in social philosophy from the University of California at Santa Cruz in 1980" (nytimes)
  • Decline of the Panthers

    "By the end of the 1970s, weakened by external attacks, legal problems, and internal divisions, the Panthers were no longer a political force. Throughout their decline, several women sustained the organizations community programs until 1981, when the Oakland-based program closed." (Aaregistry).
  • Huey Newton Shot to Death

    Huey Newton Shot to Death
    "Huey P. Newton, a leading proponent of African-American militancy in the 1960s and a co-founder of the radical Black Panther Party for Self Defense, was shot three times in the head and killed early this morning in a West Oakland neighborhood..." [Los Angeles Times]
  • Introducing the BPPRP

    "The Black Panther Party Research Project (BPPRP) was created to locate sources and develop finding aids to assist researchers and the general public with uncovering information about the BPP, one of the twentieth century's most controversial, yet least researched organizations." (Aaregistry).