Isaac Newton

  • Period: to

    English Civil war

    The war began when there was a split between Charles I and Parliment. Neither side was willing to back down. After a breif three major battles, the war ended. Charles had surrendered to the Scotts rather than Parliment. He was eventually executed (English).
  • Isaac Newton is born

    Isaac Newton is born
    Isaac Newton was born on Christmas day in Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth England, without his father. His father, Isaac, died just three months earlier. Recently born Isaacs survival was doubted because he was born prematurely. He was described as bbeing able to 'a small quart-pot" (Anderson 5)
  • United colonies of New England are formed

    United colonies of New England are formed
    Due to lack of cordination during Pequot war, and threat of dutch expansion, representatives from each colony met up. The articles of confederation were made, and the four colonies united. Annual meetings were held up until 1664 to assure renewed activity. This was important because it assured the alliance of the colonies, helpign to build a strong country (Cooke 564).
  • Mother gets remarried

    Mother gets remarried
    Isaacs mother, Hannah NEwton, marries Barnabas Smith. She leaves Woolsthrope with her new husband. Yound Newton lives with Hannahs mother for over seven years. This is significant because Newton had no mother or father at this point (Christianson 17).
  • Witch execution in america

    Witch execution  in america
    Alse Young becomes the first person in the colonies to be executed as a witch. This is the beginnning of a series of executions due to accusations of being a witch. She is hanged in Hartford Connecticut (HistoryOrb1647).
  • Barnabas Smith dies.

    Barnabas Smith dies.
    Barnabas passes away around mid-August. Hannah moves back to Winsthorpe to live with Isaac. She is now faily wealthy from her inheritance. This provided Newtons family with money, but also meant that nEwton had no father again (Anderson 21).
  • Enrolls at Cambridge University

    Enrolls at Cambridge University
    Isaac Newton, age 16, is pulled from Kings School so his mother can teach him to be a farmer. Isaac wants more for his future, so he ventually goes back to prepare for college. He enrolls at Cambridge University soon after providing Newtons basis for his educvation andlater achivements (Krull 24).
  • Newton Inevents Calculus

    Newton Inevents Calculus
    Not fully, but he came up with th idea that evolved into modern day calculus. After much dispute between Isaac and other scientists, although. Newton is credited today as being the founder of calculus. Without this, we wouldnt have the means of solving complex equations (Calculus).
  • Newton returns to Woolsthorpe.

    Newton returns to Woolsthorpe.
    After earning his bachleors degree, the chool soon shuts down due to the plaque. Isaac returns home yet again. He begins to expirement wiht the origins of color, gravity, and the start of calculus. Wihtout going back, Newton might have never began to play around with these ideas, and we wouldnt have full understandings of gravity and the klaws of motion (Krull 34).
  • Bacons Rebellion

    Bacons Rebellion
    The rebellion was caused by "discontent in the government." Although the rebellion wasnt huge, it pointed out flaws in Amercian Government. The rebellion was caused by nujust treatment of poor farmers and slaves (Cooke 565).
  • Philadelphia is founded

    Philadelphia is founded
    Englishman William Penn recieves a land grant from King Charles II, for modern day Philladelphia. The land stretched from the Delaware to the Schuylkill river. Philladelphia soon became the foremeost city of the 13 colonies. Philladelphia had considerable wealth and many ports. This important event provided a center for trade and economy for the early America (Cooke 564).
  • Newton publishes "Principia"

    Newton publishes "Principia"
    Earlier in 1684, Newton was urged to write about how a planet moves within an orbit. This simple task turns into a three-volume book. It covers Newtons 3 Laws of Motion, and explains the Law of Universal Gravatation. If this book had never been published, we wouldnt have the three laws of motion today or the understanding of how much force is required to move or launch objects (Universe).
  • Newton Joins the Royal Mint

    Newton Joins the Royal Mint
    Newton left Cambridge to take up a government job in London. He bacme warden, and later Master in 1999. He bacme very rich during his time at the mint. Newton took his job very seriously. This job provided Newton with enoguh money for later ineventions and education (Krull 48).
  • War of Spanish Succesion

    War of Spanish Succesion
    The conflict arose over who would take over power from Charles II in spian.In a previous effort, a treaty had been signed to prevent a war. Unfortunately, the efoort ddint work and war followed. In the end, Phillip V was announced king of Spain. The war helped Spains empire grow and survive (Spain).
  • Newtons Health Falls

    Newtons Health Falls
    In the last years of his life, NEwton had troubles due to an unkown Kidney Stone. Later he had a serie of coughing fits that led to irratation in his lungs forcing him to Kensington. Newton was relieved of his dutys to the Mint, and he went home. At this point, Newtons death was soon to follow. This put a stop to his work in the science feild (Anderson 72).
  • Newton Dies

    Newton Dies
    Newton had been expirencing great pain. It lster turned out that he had a kidney stone. He passed away just after midngiht. His body was moved to Londonand was buried at westminister Abbey. His estate was divided amongst his half-neices and nephews (Anderson 74).