Lemon Brown and Hannah Bonini Timeline

By boninih
  • Blues

    Lemon Brown starts singing the blues and everybody enjoys his "sweet' voice.
    **Finding a uniqueness
  • Lemon Brown's son

    Lemon Brown's only son dies and makes Lemon Brown very sad. **Hardship
  • Greg's Oppurtunity

    Greg get's a offer to play for a very special basketball team. It is usually hard to get a spot on this team, especially at his age. His dad tells him he can play if he get's his grades up. **Searching for ones true self.
  • Thugs

    Thugs walk in Lemon Brown's house looking for his treasure and both of them hide. Greg takes down the thugs and they leave.
  • The real treasure

    Greg finds out that the real treasure was just his son's harmonica from when he died. Greg learns that you should appreciate everything in life, even his Dad's lectures.
  • Letter

    Greg gets a letter sent home from the principal telling his parents he was very likely to fail math. His dad says he won't be playing basketball and for him to study in his room.
    **Denying on's true self.
  • Disobeying his Dad

    Greg decides he doesn't want to study, and walks out of his house. He walks down the street until he sees an abandoned house and eventually decides to go in.
  • Lemon Brown

    Greg is greeted by a shabby, poor man named Lemon Brown. Lemon Brown assumes that Greg wants his "treasure".
  • Birth

    I was born at
  • Cracked my head open

    In 2004, I cracked my head open by getting hit with a wooden swing.
  • School

    Started school at Wilton Elementary School in Wilton, NC.
  • Ranger Award

    I won the Ranger Award at the end of the school year for my leadership. *Revealing a uniqueness
  • Report Card

    I got my first "A" on my first report card.
  • Middle School

    I started Middle School at Hawley Middle School, Creedmoor, NC. **Denying my true self.
  • 7th Grade

    I started 7th grade at Hawley Middle School.
    **Searching for one's true self
  • Student of Merit

    I was in a Student of Merit banquet.
  • Travel Volleyball

    I made a travel volleyball team the first year I started playing volleyball.
  • 13th Birthday

    I had my 13th birthday party with Annie.
  • Zander

    My little cousin, Zander died. **Hardship
  • Cell Phone

    I got a new Iphone 5s.
  • NJHS

    I made the NJHS president for Hawley Middle School.