Learning French

Timeline created by theresabt
  • Began learning French

    Started to learn French at High School. My passion for the language did not develop at this stage. It came later after I failed the exam the first time I took it.
  • My first trip to Paris

    My first trip to Paris
    My sister took me to Paris for the first time. We stayed in a French appartment in Bastile belonging to a friend of a friend and my passion for the French language now developed into a love of everything French.
  • Success with my exam

    Re-took the exam after throwing myself into studying and my passion for the language had started to develop. This was due to the amazing teacher who supported me through my studies and believed in me enough to allow me to begin the Advanced Course before I had passed the O Level. I passed the O Level with a Grade B.
  • More exam success.

    More exam success.
    I passed my Advanced Level courses and got a place at University to study French.
  • My Year Abroad

    My Year Abroad
    After 2 years of studying French in London I embarked upon my year abroad in Montpellier, Southern France. This is where my spoken language skills really developed.
  • Becoming a teacher

    Becoming a teacher
    After graduating and doing various jobs as an Editorial Assistant, a Bilingual Secretary and Import Export Administrator, I had my daughter and decided to train to become a teacher of French and IT.
  • Masters Degree

    Masters Degree
    I completed a masters degree in Francophone studies.
  • Buying a French House

    Buying a French House
    Now have a French haven in Brittany where I get to use my French language skills more often and the future plan is to live there permanently.