Leadership seminar- Chay Vargas

Timeline created by Chay103
  • November 23rd 2006

  • 2017

    I’m now in 6th grade and was very excited at first
  • Period: to

    2017- now

    2017 is when I stared to get comments about my body and the way I’m “supposed to look” and the year where I started to get self harm thoughts and it still goes on today
  • End of 6th grade

    The “friends” I had I had to cut them off because they were very toxic
  • 2019

    I’m now in 7th grade and I’m really sad because I LITERALLY have ZERO friends I tried to make a lot during this year but no one really wanted to be my friend
  • 2019

    I finally met an amazing person named Jolie she helped me through a lot of tough times and we are still friends to this day and she is my only friend (quality over quantity)
  • Self harm thoughts

    I started to have self harming thoughts A LOT but I never told anyone I never spoke about it because I felt like I would be a bother and I still think that like I have hotlines I can use but I’d feel like to much of a bother.
  • Coming out

    I came out as trans (FTM) to Jolie and a teacher I really trusted as well as a counselor I saw
  • Counseling

    My counselor emailed me and said they wanted to meet and so for a few weeks I met with her, she was my first counselor but I didn’t tell her about my self harming thoughts ever and I didn’t like her so I didn’t meet with her after a few weeks
  • CAT

    I got a 9 month old cat and named her Pikachu
  • My second counselor

    I now have two counselors because I had emailed someone else and asked for my actual counselors email but then ended up talking to someone else and now I have two counselors, Allie and Nancy
  • 8th grade

    This year I knew I had to talk to someone about my self harming thoughts so I got a counselor and I still hadn’t opened up to them but then I met another counselor so I have two right now
  • Opening up

    I opened up to my counselors one day and they had to call my mom and I was balling my eyes out because bit was so hard for me to open up and I didn’t want them telling my mom but they did but I’m not sure if my mom got it. We probably spent like A whole hour or so having a session about it and we made a safety plan
  • 2020

    Happy new year

    Quarantine started
  • Leaving middle school and my counselors

    Leaving school was good for me there were so many toxic people but leaving my counselors was so hard for me I still talk to them though
  • Soul sisters internship

    I was so excited to start!
  • ESA

    My new therapist helped me make my cat my ESA (emotional support animal) and we’re doing great!

    i cma eout to my friend Jolie, and my sister as gender fluid