Layla's Life!

  • My first birthday

    My first birthday
    My first birthday was amazing because of the huge cakes. For expample the huge butterfly cake with m&ms and a barbie doll cake with a marshmallow dress.
  • First day of Kindergarten!

    First day of Kindergarten!
    Kindergarten was really upsetting haha. But i really like it, other then getting my finger jammed in the chains on the swings. !
  • First day of Primary school.

    First day of Primary school.
  • Got my iPod.

    Got my iPod.
    I got my iPod, it was cool.
  • Last day of primary school.

    The last day of primary school was so depressing. I was crying knowing that i had to leave my friends. !
  • First day of high school!

  • Met Sof, Loz, Pip, Bianca, Sam, etc..

  • Started Ria,

    Started Ria,
    Ria is a amazing school and i love it so much.
    Its a preforming arts school.
    Rowville Institute of the Arts.
  • The meeting of Lauren, Sofia and Pypah

    These girls are amazing!
    I love them to bits. !
  • Won tennis championships.