Laquisha lopez

Laqusisha Lopez

  • Crossing The Border

    Crossing The Border
    Today i am crossing the Mexican border into El Paso , Texas . It is a very big risk because some citizens are waiting for immaginants at the border with guns becuase they don't want us in their country. I am very afraid to travel along with my two sons Paco and Fernandiez and my husband.
  • Diego

    I am very sad to say that when my family and i were crossing the border my husband was shot down. He was shot down by a man named Jack as much as i wish i could report Jack to the officials i know that if I do I will be taken back to Mexico
  • New York

    New York
    Today I have arrived in New York City I bought my family a small one room apartment that we share with 2 other families. It's very dirty but as soon as my taco reataurant opens and I get more money I will buy my family a better house.
  • Opening Day

    Today is the opening day of my new restaurant Laqushia's Tacos
    Its closing time right now and we have sold over 25 tacos and i guess thats pretty good for my first day.
  • 5 months

    My restaurant has been open for about 5 months.It is a huge success. I was able to buy a new house outside of the slums, I also am able to put my children through school.
  • Jacob Reese

    Today a few men showed up at my house. They said that they were writing a book on how the slums are effecting the city. I gaev them my story and they said that they would consider putting my story into their book.
  • How The Other Half Lives

    Today I was walking past my local book store when I saw a book that caught my eye it was called " How the Other Half Lives " by Jacob Reese i knew that name from somewhere so I bought the book. As i was reading I saw a picture of a women that looked very familiar. It was me . He had put my story into his book.