Kimaya’s Education Timeline

  • My first school (Jabel Ali Nursery - Dubai)

    My first school (Jabel Ali Nursery - Dubai)
    Jabel Ali Nursery: my first school. I went to this school in 2013 - 2014. I had a teacher whose name was I had a teacher called Ms. Khubi. I joined this school when I was 2 years old and left when I was 4 my teacher ms. Khoobi was the best! She gave me my first book and always used to carried me in her lap. This school was where I had my first cooking experience. We made a watermelon smoothie, and at that point it was the best thing I had ever had! Since then I am passionate about cooking!
  • My second school (collegiate American school - Dubai)

    My second school (collegiate American school - Dubai)
    This was my second school. Here I had lots of friends and awesome teachers. Ms. Vasta was one of them, she was super funny and caring. Something cool is that my best friend from Jabel Ali also joined this school, though we lost touch at school because were in different classes and we both had our own friends. I attended this school when I was 4 - 5. At this school we made something called rainbow toast! And IT WAS AWESOME!
  • My third school (keystone international school - Istanbul, Turkey)

    My third school (keystone international school - Istanbul, Turkey)
    This was my third school. I was here for about 3 years. And I made lots of awesome friends! I had 3 teachers: ms arev, ms handan and Mr Fernando. The person in the middle is my friend, Rudhab. The person on the right is Adhya. Me and Adhya are still close and we both live in Bangalore! At 1 point of time, the became very bland and there were no herbs on the table since some of the kids were misbehaving. So, we snuck spiced into the canteen and ate! Everything tasted amazing after that!
  • My Fourth school (Bangkok Patana School)

    My Fourth school (Bangkok Patana School)
    This was my third school. I was here from 2019 - 2022. I met some amazing teachers that broadened my horizons in learning in many ways. We had different methods of learning there which really helped my understanding of the concepts. I was in BPS from Year4 to Year6 (Grade 3 to Grade 5) I also made lots of friends that I am still in touch with! I was here from the age of 8 to 11. Here, every year we had a thing called residential every year.
  • MasterChef Bangkok 🇹🇭

    MasterChef Bangkok 🇹🇭
    Cooking is one of my main hobbies. I’ve always been fascinated by cooking. (since the watermelon smoothie). But only in Bangkok did I start cooking seriously.
  • Indian idol 🎶

    Indian idol 🎶
    Singing. I have loved singing for a really long time, but I only started learning singing at patana. Singing is one of my biggest passions. Just recently, I went to a trip to Nepal for singing and it was super fun!
  • My fifth school (CIS)

    My fifth school (CIS)
    This is my fifth school, Canadian International School Bangalore and this is where I am currently studying. I just moved to this school in August 2022. I made a bunch of friends here already and I have amazing teachers too! This photo was my first day of school. I joined here when I was 11 years old. In this school, so far, my favorite part of the year was going to Nepal for a trip for a singing concert!
  • Trip to Nepal (AMIS)

    Trip to Nepal (AMIS)
    On February the first, I went to Nepal for a singing festival. The organization is called AMIS. There were 6 schools including the host school, Lincoln School Nepal. This event was by far the best singing experience that I have ever had. I made lots of new friends and got to meet some fantastic teachers too! This picture was on our sightseeing trip to swaymbhu temple.