Keyla Gonzalez

By yomi28
  • Birthday

    North Philadelaphia Episcopal Hospital 13 Pounds
  • First Trip To Pueto Rico

    For her great grandmothers on my morthers side funeral
  • First Trip To Pueto Rico

    First Trip To Pueto Rico
    For her Great-Grandma on her my side Funeral
  • Frist Offial Birthday

    Frist Offial Birthday
    Puerto Rico Grandpa and Grandma house on my dad side Powerpuff girls
  • Mother And Father Divorce

    Keyla moves to a different house
  • Started Catholi School

    For the first time ever the name of the cathlic school was st. veronica
  • Mother remarries

    Mother remarries
    Keyla was the only flower-girl
  • Bus Accident

    Bus Accident in marland
  • First treip To Florida

    Also Visited disney world
  • 8th grade graduation

    st Joe's university
  • sStated attending hight schhol

    sStated attending hight schhol
    Started attending Philadelphia high school of business and tec.