Melbourne skyline

Key events of Melbournes History

  • First sightings of Australia

    First sightings of Australia
    The first records of European mariners sailing in to Australian waters dates back to 1606. After little observation the europeans named the land 'Terra Nulius' No mans land.
    (date is not accurate)
  • First fleet to Australia

    First fleet to Australia
    European settlement in Australia began with the first fleet on the 26th January 1788.
  • First convicts come to Australia

    First convicts come to Australia
    The first criminals sent to Australia were the convicts who were transported with the First Fleet. They arrived in Port Jackson on 26 January 1788.
  • Discovery of Queensland

    Discovery of Queensland
    George Bass explores the south-east coast of Australia and discovers Queensland. (dates not accurate)
  • Start of Victoria

    Start of Victoria
    John Batman was the founder of Victoria. On the 6th of June 1835 he sighned what he thought was something to say he could have the land as he showered the aboriginals with many blankets, pots and pans. But in fact he sighned at treaty, something that the aboriginals thought was just something to let him pass through the land.
  • Government

    Settlers establish their own defacto government. Captain William Lonsdale arrives to act as police magistrate and commander of the settlement.
  • Melbourne cricket club

    Melbourne cricket club
    Melbourne cricket club was founded.
    (date not accurate)
  • John Batman death

    John Batman death
    John Batman passes away.
  • Melbourne Gaol

    Melbourne Gaol
    A large sandstone gaol is built in Russell Street. Yarra floods twice and its proposed that the botanic gardens will be extending from Spencer Street westwards to a swamp.
  • Queen's declaration

    Queen's declaration
    Melbourne declared a city by Queen Victoria on 25 June 1847
  • Start of Gold rush

    Start of Gold rush
    The start of Victorian gold rush with the first discovery of gold at Buninyong.
  • Seperation from New South Wales

    Seperation from New South Wales
    Victoria becomes a colony and separates from New South Wales.
  • Gold rush effects

    Gold rush effects
    The discovery of gold in 1852 brings many people to the town. The town's population doubled within a year. Where over 75,000 people arrived in the new colony.
  • Queen Victoria Market

    Queen Victoria Market
    Queen Victoria market is founded and built on old Melbourne cemetry with, still to date, over 8000 odies underneath. (Date not accurate)
  • First Melbourne cup

    First Melbourne cup
    First Melbourne cup at flemington race course.
  • Melbourne's population doubles

    Melbourne's population doubles
    Melbourne’s population reaches 125,000 (date not accurate)
  • Melbourne Zoo

    Melbourne Zoo
    Melbourne Zoo founded (date not accurate)
  • Melbourne overtakes Sydney

    Melbourne overtakes Sydney
    Melbourne overtakes Sydney to be the most populus city. (date not accurate)
  • Supreme Court

    Supreme Court
    Melbourne Supreme court completed (date not accurate)
  • Ned Kelly

    Ned Kelly
    Ned Kelly hanged at Old Melbourne Gaol on the 11 November.
  • Under ground drain

    Under ground drain
    First underground drain constructed in Carlton.
  • Servants in Melbourne

    Servants in Melbourne
    31,247 public servants are recorded as working in Melbourne. (date not accurate)
  • Commonwealth of Australia

    Commonwealth of Australia
    Commonwelath of Australia is formed and Melbourne becomes a national capital.The non-Indigenous population at the time of Federation was 3.8 million, while the estimated Indigenous population was around 93,000. Half of the people lived in cities, three-quarters were born in Australia, and the majority were of English, Scottish or Irish descent.
  • Women Public toilets

    Women Public toilets
    First public toilets for women, in Russell Street. (date not accurate)
  • Australian Open

    Australian Open
    First Australian Open championship
  • Transportation raise

    Transportation  raise
    First electric tram, beggining of dast transportation. (date not accurate)
  • Flinders Sreet Station

    Flinders Sreet Station
    Flinders Street Station is complete and open.
  • Eight hour's Day March

    Eight hour's Day March
    A crowd of 35,000 attends the Eight Hour's Day march. (date not accurate)
  • Police strike

    Police strike
    Major Victorian Police strike on eve of Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival when half of Victoria's police went on strike over a supervisory system, using labour spies. Riots and crowds poured back and from Flinder's Street Station on the Friday and Saturday nights up Elizabeth and Swanston Street smashing windows and overturning trams. (date not accurate)
  • First traffic lights

    First traffic lights
    Melbourne City Council installs city's first set of traffic lights at Collins and Swanston street. (date not accurate)
  • Carparks

    First multi storey car park constructed on the corner of Russell and Little Collins Streets. (date not accurate)
  • Queen Victoria Hospital

    Queen Victoria Hospital
    Hospital in Swanston Street becoming known as the Queen Victoria Hospital. (date not accurate)
  • First Mommba

    First Mommba
    The Moomba festival is Australia's largest community festival and longest running in Australia. It is annualy held every year in Melbourne on the Labour day weekends, can usually be found on yarra river too.
    (date not accurate)
  • Melbourne Olympic games

    Melbourne Olympic games
    The Melbourne Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XVI Olympiad, were an international multi-sport event which was held in Melbourne, Australia, in 1956,
  • West Gate Bridge collapses

    West Gate Bridge collapses
    West Gate bridge construction collapses leaving 35 workers dead.
  • Women go to Dinner

    Women go to Dinner
    Women attended Lord Mayor's dinner for the first time.
  • Melbourne Dust Storm

    Melbourne Dust Storm
    With the Melbourne dust storm (8th of Feb) Ash wednesday occurs (16th feb)
  • Rialto Towers

    Rialto Towers
    Rialto Towers, the tallest building in the Southern hemisphere in 1989. Now the tallest is Eureka Tower.
  • Docklands

    The development of the Docklands begin as its no longer just a place for cargo containers and homes are developing.
  • Melbourne museum

    Melbourne museum
    New Melbourne Museum officially opened. (date not accurate)
  • CityLink Open

    CityLink Open
    The CityLink freeways open, including two new tunnels, a new cross-harbour bridge, and electronic tolling. (date not accurate)
  • Docklands stadiums

    Docklands stadiums
    Docklands Stadium (later renamed Colonial Stadium, then Telstra dome, currently Etihad Stadium) completed. (dates not accurate)
  • Commonwealth games

    Commonwealth games
    Commonwealth games held in Melbourne. (dates not accurate)
  • Aboriginal apology

    Aboriginal apology
    On the 13th of Feb the newly installed Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced an apology to Indigenous Australians.
  • Melbourne Birthday

    Melbourne Birthday
    Melbourne celebrates it 175th Bithday. (date not accurate)

    Population expected to reach 4,000,000. (date not accurate)

    Possible end of Earth!!!!
  • Docklands completion

    Docklands completion
    Expected completion of Docklands. (date not accurate)