key events in melbournes development

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    key events in melbournes development

  • melbourne founded

    melbourne founded
    Melbourne is founded by John Batman and John Pascoe Fawkner, 47 years after the european settlement in australia, it is important to our history because it is when melbourne was discovered, if this didnt happen then where would we who live in this city be today?
  • Melbourne declared a city by Queen Victoria

    Melbourne declared a city by Queen Victoria
    this is important to melbounres history because this is the year melbourne first became a city, if this didnt happen the victorias largest city wouldnt exist and our capital city wouldnt be the same that we know today
  • beginning of gold rush in VIC

    beginning of gold rush in VIC
    Beginning of the Victorian gold rush with discovery of gold at Buninyong. this is the year the entire gold rush began, shipping in boatloads and boatloads of people searching for gold which within the next 10 years made the australian population triple in size.
  • VIC becomes a colony

    VIC becomes a colony
    Victoria becomes a colony, separate from New South Wales.
    this was the year victoria became its own state. the impact this had on melbourne as a city was a huge deal, for it could now be a capital city of a state of Australia.
  • university of melbourne

    university of melbourne
    The University of Melbourne was established by Hugh Childers and the original buildings were officially opened by the Lieutenant Governor of the Colony of Victoria, Sir Charles Hotham, on 3 October 1855. classes commmenced that year, with three professors and sixteen students.
  • state library founded

    state library founded
    The State Library of Victoria is founded. this is important because it represents the entire state.
  • queen vic market founded

    queen vic market founded
    Queen Victoria Market is founded. it has grown ever sice being founded, and i believe that not many people would know that it lies over 8,000 burried bodies, the vic markets are important to melbournes history because of this.
  • puffing billy railway

    puffing billy railway
    The Upper Ferntree Gully to Gembrook narrow-gauge railway (now Puffing Billy Railway) opens. it was first important for the local farming and timber community.
  • flinders street station construction

    flinders street station construction
    Construction of the current Flinders Street Station building begins. flinders street station is iportant to melbounes history for who it was named after, and all the events that have been held along flinders street. it is a famous melbourne landmark and very well known.
  • federation

    The Commonwealth of Australia is formed. Melbourne becomes national capital. the importance of this federation is that it was when australia first came together as one, as a nation.
  • AUS open

    AUS open
    1905 – First Australian Open championship. it is important to melbournes history because it boost our economy
  • parliament moves to canberra

    Federal Parliament is moved to Canberra, the new national capital

    The Olympic Games held in Melbourne
  • Sidney Myer Music Bowl

    Sidney Myer Music Bowl opened
  • a span of the west gate bridge falls

    35 construction workers die when a span of the West Gate Bridge collapses
  • Colour television

    Colour television introduced.
  • Melbourne dust storm

    The Melbourne dust storm occurs
  • ash wednesday fires

    Ash Wednesday fires occur
  • Hoddle Street Massacre

    Hoddle Street Massacre, killing 7 and injuring 19.
  • docklands development

    Development of the Docklands area begins
  • grand prix

    Melbourne wins right to host Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park Lake
  • Meg Higgins born

    the bestest day ever!!!!!!!!
  • bolte bridge

    Bolte Bridge open for traffic
  • melourne victory FC

    Melbourne Victory FC is formed.
  • commonwealth games

    Commonwealth Games held.