Key Events in History

By 171328
  • American Declarartion of Indepencence

    America declared independence on the 4th of July 1776. Today this is what's known as independence day and is national holiday for America. A delcaration of independence means that America is an independent country and is independent to the British Crown. It was signed by the continental congress. The declaration was drafted by Thomas Jefferson and is one of America's most cherrished symbols.
  • Edmund Cartwright's Power Loom

    Edmund Cartwright was an inventor back in 1700's. His invention the pwoer loom was a breakthrough in the making of clothes. First built in 1784 but patened in 1785. The power loom is a machine that combines threads to make cloths and is powered by water.
  • French Revolution

    The french revolution or the french declarations for the rights of man, is another declaration that changed a nation and its history. This delcaration gave alot more options for women and it was the oppurtunity to free slaves. There are 17 articles on the delaration all different topics. But mainly it states that everyone has equal rights and keeping slaves was illegal.
  • The Rights of Man is Published

    Thomas Paine publishes his book called "The Rights of Man". The book is about what you would expect the rights of man. It also states information about the french revolution defending it.
  • The First Steam Locomotive

    A steam locomotive is a sort of a train type vehicle powered by steam engine but is uses materials such as coal or wood and water to create the steam. The first one was created in Wales. They dominated most railways for the 1800s. By the 1900s they were ovetaken by electric and diesel locomotives.
  • Slavery in the British Empire Act

    Slaves were very common in the 1800s, by 1833, the British parliament decided that it was cruel and inhumane, so they decided to banish slavery in the United Kingdom, however some territories were still allowed to have slaves.
  • The Wireless Radio

    In the last year of the 19th century a breakthrough in entertainment is made with guglielmo marconi inventing the wireless radio, this was the first step in all the steroes and music playing devices we have today.
  • Russian - Japanese war ends

    There had been a Russian/Japenese war for a while back in the start of the 20th century. The Japanese had defeated the Russians in 1905, but a peace treaty was signed. The war is known as the first great war of the 20th century