Kenneth Craik

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  • Shaw Fellowship

    Shaw Fellowship
    Craik was awarded the Shaw Fellowship award during his years at Edinberg University. While there he majored in philosophy and his subsidiary in psychology. He worked under Professor James Drever Sr for a year after graduating and before moving on to become a research student at Cambridge.
  • The Nature of Explanation

    The Nature of Explanation
    Craik published his first finished work where he proposed that they way we think is a projection of how we interpret the outside world. He also compares the human mind to that of how computers and other technology work and outputs explanations.
  • Mental models

    Mental models
    Just as with artificial intelligence there needs to be an input for every output. Experience is needed to further intelligence and consciousnesses of the world around us. The mental model theory is how our cognitive mind works and is the basis of the learning process of artificial intelligence.
  • Afterlife

    Kenneth works and studies weren't noticed in America until after he passed. Warren McColluch sent off for his papers and the works were published under The Nature of Psychology. Where he went further into his studies with comparing the human mind and how machines work.
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    Craik's Lifetime

    Kenneth Craik was born in Edinburg. He went to school at Edinburg Academy and later graduated to Edinburg University. He passed while in Cambridge due to a biking accident a couple days after VE Day.