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Corey's Psychology Timeline

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    Evolutionary psychology examines psychological traits such as perception, memory, and languagem Many psychologists believe that ancestors play a big role in Psychological adaptations to sove problems in ancestries had.
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    William James is the founder of Functionalism, Which means Belief in or stress on the practical application of a thing, in particular. this was an important time because it makes you feel desire or pain. It controls your emotions.
  • Charles Darwin's Book on Evolution

    Charles Darwin's Book on Evolution
    In his book, Charles Darwin explained how populations evolve over the coarse of generations, through natrual selection. This is important because this shows genetics really exist in people even with past Generation.
  • The First Psychology Lab

    The First Psychology Lab
    Wilhelm Wundt creates the first expiremental Psychology lab. That started all the expirments we are doing today. if Wilhelm Wundt didn't do that Lab we might have never done a lab and discovered all the things we know today.
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    Wilhelm Wundt and Edward B. Titchener founded Structuralism, which analyzes people's minds from the time they were born to the time they age.
    Their expirements were usually done by observing Living organisms.
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    Psychoanalysis is a type of therapy founded by Sigmund Freud, which states that childhood expirences contribute to the development of adult personality and behavior.
    Psychodynamic was also founded by Sigmund Freud, which he belived the human mind was composed of three elements, I.D, Ego, and the Superego.
  • Sigmund Freud

    Sigmund Freud
    Austrian Neurologist,Sigmund Freud comes up with his dream's Theory where he states " Motivation of all dreamsis wish fulfillment.
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    Behaviorism was Founded by John Watson. He believed that behaviors can be trained, measured, and changed.
    He belived that all behaviors are acquired by conditioning or enviroment.
  • Dog Expirement

    Dog Expirement
    Ivan Pavlov, a Russian Scientist does the " Dog Expirement " in which puts foood in front of the dog, and noticed that the dog began to salivate, before the food was delivered to his mouth.
  • First Written Test

    First Written Test
    Alfred Bindet wrote the first IQ test ever, when the French Government asked him to write it to see which kids will most likely succeed in life.
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    Biological Psychology is the study of evolution, structure, and growth. Which explains how people change over time physically and mentally.
    Neuroscience is anything that affects you're behavior such as drugs, hormones, and diets.
    It also studies animal behaviors vs human behaviors. it assumes eall people and animals are the same.
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    Cognition studies mental processes, such as learning, remembering and perceiving.
    It also focuses on how people acquire, proccess and store information. There are many practises people do, such as Improving Memory and Better decision-making.
  • Skinner Box Expirment

    Skinner Box Expirment
    B.F Skinner did the box expirement on animals to see if conditioning exists in everyone. he did it by putting a mouse in a closed box and fed him as a reward if he pushed the handle down. tis proved that anial have cognition.
  • Cat Box Expirement

    Cat Box Expirement
    B.F Skinner did a cat expirement where he put a cat in a maze, and watched it find it's way out, it took the cat a very long time at first, but as time passed by the cat got out very quick. this proved Operant Conditioning exsists in everyone. even animals.
  • Bobo Doll Expirement

    Bobo Doll Expirement
    Albert Bandura expiremented how children act after watching an adult model act aggressivly toward the Bobo Doll. When he found out that children were just as aggressive as the adults were.
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    Social Psychology is a disapline that uses scientific methods to understand and explain how behaviors and thoughts are influenced or explained.
  • Genie

    Genie, A child who was abused by her parents, was never raised, due to bad parents she had. was found by a social worker in diapers at the age of 13 years old. She was unable to talk, understand , or walk until Rugler took her as a foster parent, gave her all her necessities of life. today she is 55 years of age.
  • KOKO the Gorilla

    KOKO the Gorilla
    Koko is a gorilla who was taught sign language to communicate with humans,learned more than 1,000 words, and proved animals do communicate.