Kayla's Timeline

Timeline created by kmiles8395
  • Learning Disability

    When I was 6 years old I was diagnosed with a learning disability (reading comprehension). I was in the 1st grade. Although, I could read, understanding the content was difficult for me.
  • Individual Learning Plan (IEP)/ Mentorship program.

    I was given many test which enabled the school to develop an IEP to support me throughout elementary school. Staying on grade level was challenging. I was given special accommodations to help me increase my learning skills and provided an individual mentor/tutor to assist in my development.
  • Speech Classes

    In third grade I was elected to attend speech classes. These classes also helped to advance my reading comprehension skills. I attended these classes throughout elementary school,
  • Graduated Elementary School

    I graduated elementary school. I graduated on grade level, despite my learning disability. My IEP was a great help.
  • Honor Roll

    I continued to be successful in middle school. In ninth grade I was on the honor roll for the first time. I remained on a IEP, but was successful in increasing my learning skills.
  • Graduated High School

    I completed grade school despite my learning disability. Something many educators within the school system said I would not be able to accomplish. I attended summer school in an effort to complete the High School Assessment Test (HSA). I performed bridge projects which satisfied the requirement for a high school diploma.
  • After school aid helping children read

    My first job was an After School Aid. I worked at the same elementary school I attended helping children in the kindergarten and first grade with their reading. This was my first experience helping small children to learn.
  • Enrolled in Howard Community College

    Right after high school I enrolled in Howard Community College. I didn't do well on my placement test, so I had to take a reading and writing class prior to moving forward with collage courses. These classes were challenging, and I had to take the reading course twice. Adjusting to college was difficult but I adjusted quickly.
  • Completed all my pre-requisites for my major (Early Childhood Development)

    In 2018, after 3 years of community college, I finally completed all the required pre-requisites for my major. This has been a struggle with a learning disability, but something I was determined to accomplish. As a student in the disabilities department, I have received great support. Math was my most challenging subjects. I am now working on all my major courses and enjoying it. I plan to graduate community college in the spring of 2020.
  • Working as a Teachers Aid

    I have been working as a teachers aid for almost 2 years. I work for a private daycare teaching children ages 2 through 6 a variety of learning skills. I am responsible for creating lesson plans and facilitating learning projects. Teaching literacy, something I have always been challenged with myself. Helping children learn is something I have always wanted to do.