Katrina Ransom's Life

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  • I am born

  • Infancy: Emotional Development

    I emotionally attached to both of my parents as an infant. The way both of my parents worked I was with one of them at all times. While I was mainly with my Mother, my Father still watched me at least 30% of the time.
  • Infancy: Cognitive Development

    When I was a baby, I always wanted to be held and be near people. If there wasn't any music or people talking, I would start to cry. This shows I was in the sensorimotor stage of Piaget's Theory. Around this age I also stopped falling for peek-a-boo, which upset my brother who was 5 at the time.
  • Infancy: Physical Development

    I began to walk right exactly on my first birthday. I took my first steps at my birthday party because I really wanted to pet my family's dog.
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

  • Early Childhood: Emotional Development

    Early Childhood: Emotional Development
    As a young child, I was extremely needy. I always wanted to be held, played with, or talked to. When my family and I went camping near Mt. Rushmore, I constantly demanded to "see the heads" and would cry whenever my mom tried to take me away. My family had to buy me a postcard so I wouldn't cry in the car. This is my sister and I.
  • Early Childhood: Emotional Development

    When I was in preschool, I had multiple imaginary friends. We would often go on adventures through the jungle, and I would climb on the furniture in my house. This is part of the preoperational stage.
  • Middle Childhood: Cognitive Development

    Growing up, I played soccer. I remember being 5 years old and not knowing that there was a difference between any position. We would all just chase the ball. But as I got older, positions became a more relevant thing. When I was 7, I would typically either play defense or be the goalie. I would no longer chase the ball everywhere around the field, but stay in the sections for my position. This would be the concrete operational stage.
  • Got Stung By a Bee

    I got stung by a Bee and had a full body anaphylactic reaction. I ended up going to the hospital and had hives on me for at least a week after.
  • Middle Childhood: Physical Development

    I was a very active child. I played soccer, was a girl scout, and went to all of my older brothers football games. I would spend my time with my friends playing either at the park near my house, or on the play sets in my parents back yard. At this age I was slightly underweight and under the height of an average girl my age.
  • Middle Childhood: Physical Development

    in the 3rd grade we started doing more fine motor skills activities in school. In gym, we would have cup stacking competitions. This is where you quickly stack and unstuck ups. In music, in music we started to learn keyboard, and in art we sculpted with clay. Each of these activities helped to improve my fine motor skills. I actually took 2nd in my schools 3rd grade cup stacking competition, being beat out by a boy.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    Even though I grew up in Illinois, Hurricane Katrina was widely known and taught about in school growing up. I was teased for my name for years after this hurricane. At UAB, people even make a point to let me know they're from NOLA. I don't remember it, but my mom told me that she use to have to call the school because even teachers were giving me a hard time about my name. Kids wouldn't play with me either. This may be part of why I now have strong attachments to friendships and relationships
  • Middle Childhood: Cognitive Development

    In 5th grade we were given workbooks for mathematics. Each day we completed a worksheet or note sheet in class in that workbook, and then we would have another page to do for homework. My teacher always got mad at me at my friend because the two of us would work ahead. But I felt like I was going at a normal pace and like my teacher was teaching the class super slowly. This experience helped me to realize that everyone learns at a different pace and some people may be smarter than others.
  • Adolescence: Cognitive Development

    In 6th grade we started to learn the steps to the scientific method. I remember the first experiment we had that year, our goal was to find out how long it takes a lifesaver to dissolve in someones mouth. We followed all the steps in the method and even had to explain what things went wrong, what could be changed, and why answers may vary. Essentially, we learned how to put ideas together and summarize our thoughts, which are part of the Formal Operational Stage.
  • Starts Playing Bassoon

    In 5th grade band I played Obeo, in 6th grade I started Bassoon instead. Additionally, I know piano, trombone, and tenor (and all) saxophone.
  • Adolescence: Physical Development

    Puberty started to hit me at what seemed like a later than average time. I was always the youngest in my class and grade, so when everyone's body started to change, mine still didn't. Things that happened for other girls didn't happen to me until a year later. I actually started to put on a little bit of weight, which I didn't lose until Puberty was in full effect. All of this effected me emotionally because things were different for me than other girls.
  • Adolescence: Physical Development

    Adolescence: Physical Development
    Once puberty reached me, I started to lose weight. I also started to become more active. I would bike to my friends houses or with them for fun, I played basketball and was varsity in track. My vertical jump was the highest on my basketball team, so I would do the tip off. I rarely spent time sitting around doing nothing. I always had to be on the go, and it showed with my body. My activity levels started to decrease a little when I got a job at 16, but my weight remained the same.
  • Adolescence: Physical Development

    I started to play Bassoon in the 5th grade, but I wasn't serious about it until high school. I was in concert band, jazz band, and marching/pep band. I could play other instruments as well, but bassoon was my focus. Playing instruments allowed me to tune both my fine and gross motor skills.
  • Adolescence: Emotional Development

    When I was 16, I thought I was in love with my high school boyfriend. Reality is, it was a Fatuous love, and he didn't even feel the same way back. I know it was fatuous for me, because I was always annoyed that he wasn't as into sports as me and I didn't like a lot of his interests. But I was committed, and infatuated with him. This allowed me to grow emotionally because I was sad when it didn't work out and had to deal with it.
  • Sexual Assult

    I was sexually assaulted by a guy a few years older than me. I know that this has impacted my emotional development tremendously. It's a lot to live and deal with in High School. This also impacted my cognitive development as I started to realize that a lot of people have problems and bad things happen to them. You never know what's happened in someone else's life. I would say that this event temporarily negatively impacted my development, but ultimately has made me grow as a person.
  • Adolescence: Cognitive Development

    I took engineering classes all throughout high school. One of the classes was a capstone design project, where I designed and presented a project plan for to a board of real engineers. This capstone project had long write ups and I had to make sure everything looked right to the engineers. I had to think like an engineer, and make sure that I was prepared to answer any questions they could ask.
  • Friends Commit Suicide

    Friends Commit Suicide
    I have lost three important people to my life by suicide. Noelle, my former basketball teammate and good friend, was the first. Mr. Akers was the second, just two months after Noelle. He was my favorite teacher and was my AP biology teacher at the time. The most recent, happening in August 2016 effected me the most, as my girlfriend decided to take her own life for struggling with depression and her sexuality. All of these emotionally wrecked me. I was close to all of them.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    My graduation at Crystal Lake South High School was extremely unique. Not only was half of the graduation ceremony done with backup lights from a generator in my high schools gym, but all of the speeches at my graduation reflected on the growth of my classes relationships and how the suicides effected us all. We became a very close knitted graduating class despite there being 435 of us.
  • Early Adulthood: Physical Development

    I no longer play bassoon, but I occasionally play piano. I also love to go hiking and attempt to work out at a gym at least 3 times a week. My activity levels have decreased since high school since I don't have sports, and I only stand in one place at my job (I'm a cashier). Before I started hiking, I gained a little bit of weight. Besides my few hobby's, I mainly just study or work.
  • Early Adulthood: Physical Activity

    My fine motor skills have actually decreased since I stopped playing bassoon. I know that my dexterity in my fingers has significantly decreased, as well as my coordination. However, I did manage to lose a good bit of weight hiking and at the gym which made up for the few months of inactivity when I gained it.
  • Stopped Playing Bassoon

    I stopped playing bassoon because I did not like the music program at UAB. I highly regret this since I know my fine motor skills have reduced since I stopped playing. I type slower now and make more mistake. I also drop things more often and have trouble picking things up (gross motor skills). Since I stopped Bassoon and that was my passion, I stopped playing other instruments. I only occasionally play piano.
  • Moved in to First Apartment

    Finally living on my own, with my best friend as my roommate. This made our friendship stronger but effected my relationship with my parents and siblings. I have a brother who lives in Wyoming but the rest are back in Illinois.
  • Early Adulthood: Emotional Development

    I have less relationships with people now than ever before. My relationship with my family members has decreased since I moved away for college. My closest relationship is with my roommate, who is also my best friend. I believe our friendship is extra strong since I don't have many friends. I confide in her more than other people.
  • Early Adulthood: Emotional Development

    I would describe my friendship with my roommate as an empty love. I'm super committed to this friendship but there is nothing romantic involved. Even at this age, I believe I still have not experienced Consummate Love since I have never been in love with anyone.
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