Katie Maher's timeline

  • Started to dance

    Started to dance
    My mom wanted me to do dance since i would always dance around the house. It seemed like it would be fun to dance and dress up in cute costumes.
  • Started playing soccer

    Started playing soccer
    When i was 4, i wanted to play soccer to follow my brothers foot steps. I always seemed interested to play so my mom signed me up and i started playing for Harundale.
  • Quit dancing

    Quit dancing
    It wasnt a choice, but i had to quit dancing. My dance teacher quit her job at the dance studio because she didnt like the owner. So in the end i stop dancing.
  • First wedding i was in

    First wedding i was in
    My cousin got married and i was asked to be one of the brides maids, And i got to sleep with the girls in a hotel and ordered room service. It was a fun and exciting time.
  • Soccer Season starts

    Soccer Season starts
    This was my first year of high school so its also my first year for a high school sport. It was very exciting since i made Varsity my freshman year. It was an amazing experience.
  • Grandmother died

    Grandmother died
    She was the first person i lost in my life. It was a very sad time for everyone including myself. She will always be missed and in all of our hearts.