Katie Lee's lifetime memories so far

  • Born

    I was born at St. Lukes hospital. When I was born the abilican cord was wrapped around my neck and my parents said my face was blue. Photo: fotopedia.com
  • Period: to


    The events in my lifetime so far that I have lived out.
  • Watch your surroundings

    In first grade when I was going inside my brother didn't see me and he opened the door. The car door hit me right in the head, I had to get staples in my head.
  • Rosa Parks dies

    Rosa Parks dies
    She was the one who said no to a white man to move from a bus seat for him. She started the boycott on segragation between whites and blacks. Photo: Flickr.com
  • Dog Dies

    When I was in the third grade my dog Cookie died. She died becuase her heart gave up and stopped beating. But now we have a new yellow lab Annie. Photo:moonstarsandpaper.blogspot.com
  • Blizzard

    It happened right before the flood. There was huge ice storm on the night of my brother's birthday. We had no power for days and I had to eat Peanut butter & Jelly for the whole time. I couldn't eat another peanut butter & Jelly for months after that experience. Photo: Sarah_Ackerman on Flickr.com
  • Give and Get

    In the fifth grade some girl was getting called names. I went over and told them to stop calling her names. I also said it's not nice and very rude. The next day they started to call me names and the same girl came over and she said what I said to them.
  • Flood 08-09

    Flood 08-09
    This happened after the blizzard. I thought it was going especially with the rain and the ice. I was upset when the downtown YMCA got flooded. I love to go there to play racketball, volleyball,and swim. Photo: flickr.com
  • Earn it

    The sixth grade was my first year of middle school,I was really nervous. I never actually got grades or anything like that. When I got my first report card it had a C-. I wasn't all that happy so I went to talk to my teacher about it. She said that I had to work harder in that class inorder to earn a better grade. So I did and the next report card had a B+. Picture: amboo who? on Flickr.com
  • Friends = Trust

    Last year some girl Amanda told my friends that I was lying since I've known them. When I tried to tell them that she was lying they wouldn't believe me. It was really bad I was crying for the first two months of summer. They finally realized that she was lying and said that they should of just trusted me in the first place. I said yeah, I've known you for like 9 years and they have only known her for 2 years. Also true friends trust each other.
  • Earthquake in Japan

    Of course I don't live in Japan but I did watch about it on KCRG. It was really scary to see what happened there and how rediculous it is that earthquakes can do.
  • Listen to your parents

    When a mean girl told a lie to my friends, they didn't believe me when I tried to explain that I was telling the truth. My mom said if they are true friends they will come back and say sorry to me. My mom was right about what she said, they did and they said they were sorry.
  • Faith Fiery

    My dad got stuck underneath a 700 pound wooden reel. I lifted it up off of my dad so he could get from underneath it.
  • Osama Bin Laden dead

    He was the one incharge of 9/11. The worst terriost attack on the United States. i'm just glad he's dead, he deserved ot after what he did to America. But I also think that people shouldn't be dead even though they deserve.