Kashmir Conflict

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  • Kashmir conflict begins

    Kashmir conflict begins
    British rule ends in India, and the subcontinent is divided. Pakistan's tribal army invades Kashmir, they sign a treaty with India, and war breaks out over the region.
  • Kashmir is divided

    Kashmir is divided
    The UN Security Council calls for a ceasefire, but Pakistan refuses, and Kashmir is divided.
  • Kashmiri Prime Minister arrested

    Kashmiri Prime Minister arrested
    The Prime Minister of the state of Jammu and Kashmir is arrested by pro-Indian authorities for delaying formal accession to India. A new government then ratifies Indian access.
  • Conflict with China

    China defeats India in a short war over Aksai Chan, one of two disputer borderlands between China and India.
  • Second Kashmir War

    Second Kashmir War
    India and Pakistan briefly go to war over Kashmir. It ends in a ceasefire.
  • Simla Agreement

    Simla Agreement
    India and Pakistan go to war yet again (ending in defeat for Pakistan), leading to the Simla Agreement, which draws the Line of Control, also calling for the settlement of their dispute.
  • India gains control of Siachen Glacier

    India gains control of Siachen Glacier
    The Indian Army gains control of the Siachen Glacier, where the Line of Control ends.
  • Insurgency in Kashmir

    Insurgency in Kashmir
    The insurgency intensifies after the Indian Army kills 100 demonstrators at the Gawakadal Bridge. India imposes the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, after the Hindus in the Kashmir Valley leave.
  • Kargil War

    Kargil War
    India accuses Pakistan of being behind the attacks on the Kargil district (in Indian-administered Kashmir), and they go to war.

    The countries attempt to boost relations, but there is an attack on parliament (in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir) in 2001.
  • Pakistan accused of firing across the Line

    Pakistan accused of firing across the Line
    India accuses Pakistan of firing across the Line of Control. Indian forces then kill three Pakistani soldiers.
  • Abdullah tries to repeal AFSPA

    Abdullah tries to repeal AFSPA
    Chief Minister of India-administered Jammu and Kashmir tries to repeal the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, but to no avail.