Karla Hinojosa P6

  • Sepoys Rebelled

  • The British Government Takes Direct Control Over India

  • The Indian National Congress Was Founded

  • Gandhi Arrives To South Africa

  • The Muslim League Was Founded

  • Great March In South Africa

  • Independence Movement

  • The Rowlatt Acts

  • Amritsar Massacre

  • The Congress Party Endorses Civil Disobidience

  • Salt March

  • First Fast

    Gandhi fasts for the first time. He is protesting for the voting scheme of the separate political representation for Dalits
  • British Government Allowed Independence

  • Second Fast

    Gandhi fasts while he is in prision for two years
  • India Is Granted Self Rule From Britian

  • Gandhi Is Assasinated

    This yeat Gandhi was assasinated by a Hindu because he didnt like Gandhis decision of letting the musmlims divide India.
  • Third Fast

    Gandhi fasts so the violence between muslim and hindus stops