K Pillay in a Nutshell

  • Birth

  • Began treatment for chronic hay fever

  • Began pre-school

  • Paternal grandfather passed away

  • First cousin passed away

  • Began primary school

  • Beginning of puberty

  • Birth of first niece

  • Began to menstruate

  • Began high school

  • Started to play netball and softball

  • Paternal grandmother moved into household

  • Started smoking socially

  • Started drinking socially

  • Period: to

    First romantic relationship

  • Beginning of latent teenage acne

  • Period: to

    Second romantic relationship

  • Period: to

    Struggled with stress and fatigue

  • Finished matric

  • Stopped chronic medication

  • Period: to

    Third romantic relationship. Confirmation of heterosexuality with bisexual curiosity.

  • Lost virginity

  • Started studying at TUKS- BSc Biological and Agricultural

  • Began wearing reading glasses

  • Got accepted into TUKS medical school

  • Started taking roaccutane

  • Began current romantic relationship.

  • Both maternal grandparents passed away due to covid.

  • Finished acne treatment

  • Period: to

    Plans to finish medical school, get married, travel, work abroad and adopt children.