July 14, 1995

By Myeisha
  • Bill Clinton Presidency

    Bill Clinton Presidency
    Bill Clinton was already president before i was born. his continuous of presidency was around the time i was born which was in 1995. some important things he did was help produce more than 22 million jobs and lowest crime rates in 26 years.
  • Oklahoma city bombing

    Oklahoma city bombing
    back in 1995, there was a bombing in oklahoma city that took place. i don't remember anything about this. but this may be important becasuse back then everyone used to talk about it and why it happened and linked it to terrorist attacks.
  • Casper the movie

    Casper the movie
    Casper the friendly ghost came out when i was born. i never watched the movie before, but i know that when i was a little girl my grandma would call me Casper. when i was old enough to understand, she said that i reminded her of Casper because i was always quiet and nice.
  • Gas prices decreases

    Gas prices decreases
    back in 1995, when i was born the gas prices used to be around $1.09. much lower than it is today. the importance of this is because peole were able to do go anywhere they wanted and not have a problem with the gas prices, unlike now we scramble for $5 to pay for gas.
  • Period: to

    Myeisha's Life

  • DVD's and CD Roms

    DVD's and CD Roms
    DVD's and CD Roms holds alot of data for either full lenghth movies or songs. with this invention, plenty of people take great advantage of it which is not bad we dn't use them today though.
  • Microsoft releases windows 95

    Microsoft releases windows 95
    i find this important because this was an era of fax/modems, emais, new online wolrd, multi media games, and educational software. and it also had a built in internet.
  • Took First Walk

    Took First Walk
    The day i took my first walk was one to remember for my mom. she had said that i started walking on my own, with no help. and that i kept getting myself up and then falling.
  • First word was "Dada"

    First word was "Dada"
    i was one years old when i had my first word. the word i said was dada meaning daddy. mom described it as the most memorable because that's all i would ever say.
  • First day at Preschool

    First day at Preschool
    i was 3 years old when i went to preschool. mom and dad said i wasn't excited at first to go, but then i went anyways and since we never learned anything i was always the quiet and shy one.
  • First day at kindergarden/Graduated later on

    First day at kindergarden/Graduated later on
    this is the date i graduated from kindergarden. the image shows what i wore when i graduated from kindergarden. the date shows when i started. i was also 6 years old then. it took plenty of time to get ready.
  • 9/11

    i was 6 years old when this took place. i never knew the importance of this event until my freshman year in high school. the person's purpose for doing something like that to the twin towers in New York is horrifying.
  • Discovered i can sing

    Discovered i can sing
    this is the date i found out i could sing. i remember i sat in my room listening to an old song and my sister went to get everyone and show them my new skill. i never really thought of it as a big deal but everyone knew some day i'd use it as a hobby. (i still dont)
  • Started 6th grade

    Started 6th grade
    i went to middle school at the age of 12. i remember i was scared because it was different from what i was used to. there were plenty of kids i grew up with but i was still apprehensive about school. i was ready though.
  • Economic Crisis

    Economic Crisis
    U.s starts our economic crisis in the early and late 2008. it is 2012 and yet we still face the economic problems that happened 4 years ago.
  • Barack Obama becomes president

    Barack Obama becomes president
    this is a memorable moment because african americans came a long way for us to have a african american president. i remember when he was elected everyone rambled on how important it was once he became president.
  • Graduated from 8th grade

    Graduated from 8th grade
    i was 14 and in Spring Wood Middle School, when i graduated. i was happy and scared at the same time. i was scared because i had heard that Lphs east campus was going to get worse for me. and i was happy because i was growing up and leaving the middle school.
  • Got first cellphone

    Got first cellphone
    i was 15 when i got my first cellphone. it was on christmas, and i enjoyed thinking about who's number to call and who to text. at the time though, i never really considered it to be extremely important. i just though that it was just an electronic so if i lost it, i wouldn't really care. unlike now.
  • Got my first ipod 4th generation (new)

    Got my first ipod 4th generation (new)
    on my 16th birthday, i received the newest ipod touch. i was excited, it was the "Got-ToHave-It" thing that everyone wanted. i was the lucky one to get one because they were so expensive.
  • Whitney Houston Died

    Whitney Houston Died
    Whitney Houston was a famous pop singer with a great voice. parents now a days would remember her from her amazing voice, and the way she changed pop culture back then. i remember where i was when i found when she died,i was devasted. although i only heard some of her songs her death was tragic.
  • Got my first job

    Got my first job
    im currently 16, but i will be 17. once school ends in 2012, i will have had my first job ever at Kmart. i will be a stocker.