Juan Astorga Mexican Revolution

  • Madero runs for President

    Diaz has Madero arrested for running against him. Plan Of San Luis Potosi is in San Antonio, Texas; their goal was to kick out Diaz from presidency.
  • Diaz Resigns

    After Diaz lost a battle in Juarez, he resigned and fleed the country to Paris.
  • Plan De Ayala

    Emiliano Zapata Denounces Madero. This led to a battle on the Mexican U.S. border. Orozco was the revolution leader. The idea of everyone getting equal land was beginning to downgrade. Only 1/3 of the land was distributed equally.
  • Huerta joins Felix Diaz

    Felix Diaz and Huerta joined forces to run against Madero. The violence started to rise greatly.
  • Carranza becomes President

    Villa and Zapata break away from Carranza and continue to rebel against him. After U.S. send troops to Veracruz, Carranza tries to negotiate with them to get the troops out.
  • Villa is defeated

    Under Obregon's orders, Carranza's amry defeated Villa in the Battle Of Celaya. Carranza then returned to Mexico City.
  • Villla raids New Mexico

    After Villa left Mexico, he robbed a bank in Columbus, New mexico. Before leaving Mexico, Villa's supporters attacked a train in Chihuahua and killed 17 americans. This ld to the Punitive Expedition.
  • Mexican Constitution

    The meeting was in Queretaro. This was the first docunment withsocial rights laws. This didn't stop people from continuing to revolt.
  • Zapata assassinated

    Zapata was assassinated in Chinemecca by Carranza's men. He was planned to meet with them to figure out a deal for the land, but Zapata didn't expect to be shot by Carranza's men.
  • Villa defeated

    Villa is defeated in the Battle of Juarez trying to fight for the border of El Paso. Most of his men died fighting in the Battle of Fort Hidalgo.
  • Obregon becomes President

    After Villa and Zapata leave Mexico City, Obregon taked control of the city without a fight. He soon declares himself president of Mexico.