John Marshall

By gsahm
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    John Marshall's Life

  • Declines

    he declned being Washington's attornary general of the USA. There was no date or month of this event but i found the year.
  • Another Decline

    He dciled to serve as the minister to France. There was date or month for this even but i put the year.
  • USA house of repersenitives

    He served in the United States House of repersentitives. He was the repersentive for Virginia. There was no dae or month for this event, but i found the year.
  • Taking Offic

    Marshall took office on June 6, 1800. He was the Secretary.
  • Chief Justice

    He was the Chief Justice of the United States. (between 1801-1835)
  • Basic Laws

    Layed the basic for the American Constitutina law and made the Supreme Court of the USA a coequal branch of goverment. I couldnt find the date for this event but sill thought is was important
  • Secretary

    he was the secretary of the States under the president. I couldnt find the date for this event but i still thought it was important.