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John B. Watson

  • John B. Watson was born.

    Watson was born in Greenville, South Carolina.
  • Watson's father left the family.

  • Got acceptance from Furman University.

  • Graduated from Furman University.

  • Began studying at Chicago University.

  • Watson majored in psychology and minored in philosophy and neurology at the University of Chicago.

  • He married Mary Ikes.

  • Graduated from Chicago University with a PhD in experimental psychology.

  • Dr. Watson's first child, Mary, was born.

  • Enrolled at John Hopkins University.

  • Watson was hired as an instructor at the University of Chicago

  • Watson was hired as an associate professor of psychology at John Hopkins University.

    It was here that he became known as the Founder of Behaviorism.
  • He published Behavior: An Introduction to Comparative Psychology.

  • Watson became the President of the American Psychological Association.

  • Dr. Watson began his study on mental illnesses.

  • Watson published Psychology From the Standpoint of a Behaviorists.

  • Watson was dismissed from John Hopkins University

  • He published the "Little Albert" Experiment.

  • Moved to New York.

  • Watson became Vice President of J Walter Thompson Agency.

  • He published Behaviorism.

  • Watson published the Psychological Care of Infant and Child.

  • He retired as Vice President of William Esty Agency.

  • John Watson was awarded the gold medal from the American Psychological Association for his contributions to the field of psychology.

  • Watson died in New York City.