Joanna Kingston Weight loss surgery

  • Ive made the decision!

    Ive made the decision!
    For the past 6 months I have noticed that it is becoming harder to find clothes in my size. So shopping today was the last straw! I came home feeling deflated - so here i am looking into weight loss surgery! I dont want to be a size 24 again! My daighter has taken some pictures of me in this dress that will not zip up! my aim is to fit into that dress!
  • Booked my surgery!

    Booked my surgery!
    Today i went down to the 'Spire' and met my surgeon, Professor Basil Ammori. I was so excited to get the ball rolling! I wanted a gastirc band, I know people who have had one. He said you dont know what goods i have to offer!He explained that perhaps the Gastric Sleeve is a better option for me - but im stubborn and i wanted the band! Anyway my surgery is booked for a week on Friday! - so excited!
  • Changed my mind - I'm going with the gastirc sleeve.

    Today I met a lady who had the gastric sleeve op and she explained it all to me. After talking to her I thought ok nevermind the money I want this instead.I called up and asked if there was much time difference and my surgeon assured me its the same length operation - 40 minutes. having the 'Sleeve' in 3 days!!!
  • Operation Day!

    Got here first thing this morning and I was supposed to be first in today - but its now 6p.m and im still waiting! I wasnt nervous before but i was thinking of leaving a few hours ago. The wait is killing me. My mum and aunty are meant to be coming but i think if the op is too late they wont be here! hurry up i want to be slim!
  • It's and im about to go home

    It's and im about to go home
    I woke up and i couldnt move my head! I was waiting for terrible pain but there was nothing! I felt drowsy from the anaesthetic but then just slept. Now its 1p.m and im about to go home! not bad at all! - i cant wait to see my daughter!
  • I cant eat anything!

    I have felt awful all week - horrific. I dont think its because of the operation more likely because the anaesthetic scratched my throat.Everything I drink or eat is killing me! Im on anti-biotics to help but have hardly eaten anything!
  • First weigh in day - I've lost 13lb!

    I cant believe it, I stepped on the scales this morning and ive almost lost a stone! Its mad that i feel ok just eating clear soups and liquids. I cant see a difference yet but i suppose I look at myself every day!
  • Week 3 is amazing!

    Ive lost 20 pounds!!! did I really only have clear soup and liquids for two weeks and survive - yes I did - week 3 is amazing - I can now have pureed food .I love mashed banana - fresh salmon, mash and teriyaki sauce and bolognaise meat with mash. Tomorrow I am going to be daring and try sweet and sour chicken with mash - the best £9 I have spent is a small plastic hand blender to mash all my food up - I am so missing the clothes shops....
  • The dress fits now!

    The dress fits now!
    Went back to work hoo! getting used to being at home. now im sat with the staff explaining what and why I had it done.Some amazed and others stunned and speechless. Tried my dress on after three weeks. - still looks awful but it does now zip up, so something is working. My daughter even said she can get her arms round me with space!
  • People are starting to notice!!!

    People are starting to notice!!!
    Today is day 20 something and weigh-in is not until friday....some people can tell i've lost weight. Ive told the truth about the op - no point lying and saying 'hey ho get urself down to slimming world - its fab'..well not for me... My daughter Talia said I have one and a half chins now - not three (suppose thats a kind of positive)....had pasta with bolognaise last night and it stuck for an hour - but i wasnt sick! maybe 7 tablespoons was to much! still on the VERY small servings!
  • First lunch out with the girls!

    Weighed in - only lost 1 pound this week. Thats a bit disppointing but looking forward to going out for lunch for the 1st time.I already know what i'm having - scrambled egg, brown sauce a and a slice of naughty bread if they will blitz it for me.
  • Clothes shopping!

    Walked around the shops yesterday I wanted everything but I shall wait until Easter and then shop .Even my knickers are is good I can eat everything if i blend it! Still on soft only and very small amounts!
  • Lovely weekend

    Lovely weekend
    I am starting to feel more confident in my clothes now. Im not missing food at all! I went out with some of the girls and my daughter this weekend - everyone was saying I look great. I feel good but there is still more to lose! - they said I should lose 5 stone in total!
  • Over 2 stone down now!

    31lb lost!! I threw three dresses on the floor today - Too big.Treated myself to a pair of jeans. Even leggings are baggy.They said I shoudn't buy clothes until September but I have succumbed! I've been out for a few meals and can just about manage a starter.
  • Science is very clever!

    Its been over 2 months now and i've lost 35 pounds. I feel fantastic and have so much more energy. I think even though ive cheated - science is very clever ..its amazing watching myself transform. Ive dropped 3 dress sizes im a size 18 now and all my clothes look like tents on me!
  • Another 3 lbs down.

    Another 3 lbs down.
    weighed this morning - now a total of 38lbs! Feeling fantastic !
  • Ive hit 40 lbs!

    Ive hit 40 lbs!
    Looking back over the last few months - it really has been so easy. I dont regret anything - I dont miss being able to eat a full plate of food I feel great. Lost 40 pounds and had loads of compliments. Fitting into a size 16 now - it's great being able to buy clothes from the high street stores!