• 135

    Jewish Dispora

  • 136

    Rabbi Akiva is martyred

  • 315

    Roman Emoror Constitene the first enacts new restrictive legislation

  • 352

    Jewish Revolt

  • 363

    Galiee Earthquake

  • Oct 10, 610

    The Jews of Galiee gain automany in jeruliam

  • Oct 10, 711

    Muslim armies invade and occupy most of Spain

  • Oct 10, 760

    The Karaites reject the authority of the oral law

  • Oct 10, 807

    Abbassid Caliph Harun al-Rashid orders all Jews in the Caliphate to wear a yellow belt,

  • Oct 10, 940

    In Iraq, Saadia Gaon compiles his siddur (Jewish prayer book).

  • Oct 10, 1008

    ("the Mad") issues severe restrictions against Jews

  • Oct 10, 1013

    During the fall of the city, Sulayman's troops looted Córdoba and massacred citizens of the city

  • Oct 13, 1016

    The Jewish community of Kairouan, Tunisia is forced to choose between conversion and expulsion

  • Oct 10, 1073

    Rabbi Yitchaki Alfassi writes the Rif, an important work of Jewish law.

  • Oct 13, 1105

    Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki (Rashi) writes important commentaries on almost the entire Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) and Talmud.

  • Oct 13, 1107

    Moroccan Almoravid ruler Yoseph Ibn Tashfin expels Moroccan Jews who do not convert to Islam.

  • Oct 13, 1148

    Berbers oblige Jews to convert in Cordoba. Maimonides leaves Cor

  • Oct 13, 1187

    Upon the capture of Jerusalem, Saladin summons the Jews and permits them to resettle in the city.[

  • Oct 13, 1291

    Christian Crusades begin, sparking warfare with Islam in Palestine.

  • Oct 13, 1478

    King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain institute the Spanish Inquisition

  • Oct 13, 1488

    Obadiah ben Abraham, commentator on the Mishnah, arrives in Jerusalem and marks a new epoch for the Jewish community.

  • Oct 13, 1501

    King Alexander of Poland readmits Jews to Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

  • Oct 13, 1534

    First Yiddish book published, in Poland.

  • Oct 13, 1547

    First Hebrew Jewish printing house in Lublin.

  • Jews of Poznań granted a privilege of forbidding Christians to enter into their city