Jessica Mendez

  • Date of Birth

    This is the date i was born on,When i was born i had to be taken to the Emergency room because i was having trouble breathing and i had to be checked immeadiately.
  • Period: to

    Jessica Mendez

  • Columbine High School Shooting

    Columbine High School Shooting
    It was in Little, Colorado where the worst school shooting took place in history, After the big tragic of 15 people being killed and others injured, it changed society throughout states. They feared to send their kids to school, that things would no longer be the same and they no longer felt safe enough even though the school was still secured with cameras.
  • Skype is created

    Skype is created
    This was the year when Skype, an instant messaging program, was created and first brought to the internet by Zennstrom and Friis. Skype was just another way to communicate with friends,family and other people. This makes it a big enhancement and improvement in communicating with poeple because its another new different way of reaching out to the people you want to talk to whether its close or miles away from where you are.
  • My trip to Springfield,Illinois

    My trip to Springfield,Illinois
    When i was in third grade, i went to a field trip with all my classmates to Springfield to study more about Abraham Linocln and how he succesfully rised up to become the 16th president of the United States of America back in 1860.
  • My sister diagnosed with Lupus

    My sister diagnosed with Lupus
    This was the day my sister,Diana, was told she was diagnosed with Lupus in her kidneys which affected her on what she ate and things she was unable to do, which also gave her no option but to go to dyalisis where she gets treatment to keep her blood clean throughout her kidneyes.Since the day she was diagnosed we been working on fundraisers to raise the money we need for her kidney transplant.
  • Twitter is created

    Twitter is created
    On March of 2006, the Social Network, Twitter, was created but pibliced in August by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass and Evan Williams, Biz Stone. This is a site where it gives users and opportunity to send and read messages known as tweets. Its a very important date because not only did many people suscribe to Twitter but its another way of letting others know more about you, kind of another way to meet people by following what they have to say on their tweets.
  • My Little Sister is born

    My Little Sister is born
    This is the day my little sister Roxana was born. It was a very special moment for me and my family because it was just another new member to the family and something we all wanted.
  • My little Brother is born

    My little Brother is born
    This is the date that my brother, Angel, was born.I always wanted a younger sibling,someone to watch out for,to play with and have nice memories with,that is why i this is a very special moment for me.
  • Joseph Kony

    Joseph Kony
    On 2008, USA soldiers were sent to Uganda for the look out of Joseph Kony for raids and abductions. This makes a big impact in hostory because even though it doesnt involve the U.S, soldiers are still being sent to stop Kony from abducting children and making his army bigger and bigger each day.Many people disagree with the government since theyre sending them out there to stop Kony when it has nothing to do with us and this can put the U.S in big jeopardy with other countries such as Africa.
  • My parents wedding

    My parents wedding
    This is the day my mom, Rosa, and dad, Cesar, got married through the church. For my siblings and i it was a very special moment because we always dreamed of seeing my mom walk down the ile with her white dress and full of happiness.
  • Barack Obama becomes president

    Barack Obama becomes president
    On this day, it was a big change for America because Barack Obama,the first African America was elected President of the United States of America. After being taken in office he started making changes in healthcare, trying to lower enocminc problems, fiancial reform and much more which supported many Americans in the country.
  • Rod Blagojevich is found guilty

    Rod Blagojevich is found guilty
    The Illinois Governor was found guilty for trying to trade president, Brack Obama, seat in return for campaign, high payment for his wife and also for threatening to block financial assistance to the company that owns The Chicago Tribune newspaper. This makes it abig impact on history because he is the fourth governor in Illinois who faces time in prison for abusing power as a governor and for 17 to 20 corruption charges.
  • My first pet

    My first pet
    This is the day i bought my first dog which i named Cocoa because he's brown. It was a very exciting moment for me because it was someone new being part of the family and its something that i always wanted and finally got.
  • My first concert

    My first concert
    This was the day when i went to my first concert with one of my best friends. Its a very nice memory ill always keep because it was very fun and exciting.
  • Death of Steve Jobs

    Death of Steve Jobs
    This is the date the founder of Apple and Pixar, Steve Jobs had passed away. This makes it a very important part in history because his death impacted the media because he was one of the most important man who made a big change in technology by creating things that no one ever thought and improved technology a lot more.However, it also affected the companies such as Apple.
  • I joined Dance Ensemble for Lake Park

    I joined Dance Ensemble for Lake Park
    This school year was my first year joinging any kind of activity or hobby in school. I decided to join Dance Ensemble for the first time because i enjoy dancing and communicating with people.It was something new for me in school throughout all my years and i plan on doing it again next year since it was very fun and exciting.