Jareds and Sebastians Social Timeline

  • Marxism

    Marxism was created by Karl Marx, but did not use it. Marxism is the radical form of socialism, or communism to distinguish it from other socialist ideologies. Marx made his own theory on history of evolving class warfare.
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    Russian Timeline

  • Russia, Bloody Sunday (Pre)

    Russia, Bloody Sunday (Pre)
    January 1905, after thousands of peaceful demonstrators "march" to the Winter Palace to present a petition asking for recognition of human rights, hundreds were shot by imperial guards. Terror was brought to at this event, as innocent protestors died at the hands of the government.
  • 1905 Russia Reforms (after)

    1905 Russia Reforms (after)
    Although the 1905 revolution was suppressed, Czar allowed freedom of expression and assembly, and the creation of the Duma. (elected legistative assembly)
  • World War One

    World War One
    Food shortages, strikes were common during the first world war. Poorly led and fed troops cause Russia to suffer greatly.
  • Russian Revolution

    Russian Revolution
    Lenin and the Red army took over St. Petersburg in one day. the civil war continued for another five years after.
  • Communism Under Lenin

    Communism Under Lenin
    Lenin led the bolshevik party. He felt that the rich abused the poor and that they should help them. That everybody was equal, wanted a government that truly represented the people, wanted the overthrow of the Russian government as it supported a system that kept the huge majority of Russian people in misery. Scapegoating was used here as a thousand people on were killed (Bloody Sunday) and the actions of the soldiers was blamed on Nicholas.
  • Communism Under Stalin

    Communism Under Stalin
    The whole Stalinist period (1927–53), was dominated by a repressive and omnipotent dictatorship over all Soviet citizens, including party members. In 1952 the party was renamed the Communist party of the Soviet Union. Many workers had to meet unrealistic requirements. The people were given no leave and absenteeism was treated as treason. Worked roughly 11 hours average. No one of them revolted as if they did not work, they work not eat. Propaganda was used because of this.