Jared H. Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book Four the Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riorda

  • CH.1 Pg: 1-14

    Genre: Fiction: Mythology--1-14 pages; total (14)
    Summary: Percy had been droped of at his freshman oriantation at Goode High School. But things dont go to well for him. He meets Rachel Elizabeth Dare a girl who can see the monsters, unlike all other mortals. She was from book 3 "the Titan's Curse." Percy then ends up fighting two empousia, wich are like vampires. He defeats them but he started a fire in the process and everything goes wrong.
  • CH.1-2 pg:14-35

    Genre: fiction: Mythology--14-35 pages; total (35)
    Summary: Percy had escaped from the empousai and ran out the the band rooms window. Outside he found Annabeth, she looked at the school and it was burning. So both of them ad left and got a taxy ride. After awhile they arived back at the camp with the other half bloods. Percy met with his old friends and some not so friendly people. Later he goes to his cabin to clean it up for inspection and finds Tyson his half-blood brother.
  • CH. 2-3: pg. 35-57

    Genre: fiction: Mythology--14-35 pages; total (57)
    Summary: As Percy Jackson met up with his old friends. They talked about goign into the underground maze. To help Grover find Pan. After that everyone at camp went on a training excersise in the forest. Percy was paired with Annabeth, then later they both ended up fighting three giant scorpions.
  • CH. 3-4: PG. 57-74

    Genre: Fiction: Mythology--Pges57-74; total (74)
    Summary: Annabeth recieved a quest to go into the labryinth and stop Lukes army. She had gone to the oracle to get information for the quest. She was taking a long time to Percy went to check on her. But he found Clarisse crying and Chris was next to her.
  • CH. 4-5: PG. 74-87

    Genre: Fiction: Mythology--pages 74-87; total(87)
    Summary: After explaining the quest Annabeth recieved she chose Percy Grover and Tyson to tag along with her. They all went to bed and prepare for the jurney the next day. During that night Percy had dream. He saw Luke next to Kronos's sarcophagus, he is the father of the three great gods Zeus Poseidan and hades. Then he woke up in a shock and used an Iris message and saw Nico the son of hades sommoning the dead.
  • CH. 4-7 PG. 74-111

    Genre: Fiction: Mythology--pg. 74-111; total (111)
    summary: The group had entered the labyrinth and started their adventure. The tunnles were strange and even Annabeth was having trouble navigating. They had ran into Janus a two headed weirdo. He tried to trick Annabeth by choosing a door. But Hera had shown Kampe and Cyclopes' worst nightmare.
  • CH. 7-8: pg. 112-126

    Genre: Fiction: Mythology--Pages: 111-126; total(126)
    Summary: The gang decided to free Briares a hundred handed one. Then they had ran into Kampe. They had ran outside the maze into public. Tyson distractyed her as the others escaped back in. They were succesful and locked out Kampe and they all rested for the night.
  • CH. 8-11 PG. 126-200

    Genre:fiction:Mythology:--pg; 126-200; total (200)
    Summary: The gang had run into a farm led by Geryon and hid helper Eurytion. Geryon captured the the gang except Percy also Nico was there. They managed to escape and met with Hephaestus. if they helped him he would tell them how to get to Daedalus. They agreed but found a way to find pan. So grover and Tyson left down the tunnle to find pan. While Percy and Annabeth left to do Hephaestus's request.
  • CH. 11-14 PG. 200-256

    Genre:Fiction:Mythology--pg.200-256; total (256)
    Summary: Percy and Annabeth ran into telkhines in Mount St. Helens. Annabeth was able to escape and get the info back. Percy stayed to hold and fell into the lava and erupeted the volcanoe. He ended up on Ogygia and she treated his wounds. Percy left back to Camp half blood and then Percy and Annabeth went to Manhattan. They got Rachle to navigate through the maze. But ran into Lukes henchmen.
  • CH. 14-15 pg. 256-280

    Genre:Fiction:Mythology: pg. 256-280; total (280)
    Summary: They arrived in a arena and Percy ended up fighting a cyclops named Antaeus. Percy ended up winning and they all ran away from Luke and is army. They camped out in a big room. Then arrived at daedalus's worked shop atlast. There they met with Quintus
  • CH. 15-20 pg.280-361

    Genre:Fiction:Mythology--pg280-361; total (361)
    Summary: Quintus tunred out to be daedalus. Then Lukes Henchmen showed up so they escaped but daedalus stayed behind. The gang got backed to the camp and prepared to fight Lukes army. They managed to fight them of and Percy went back home when everything was settled. He had his 15th birthday and his father showed up. Nico met Percy at his apartment and prepared to tell him how to beat Kronos. That was the end of the book