• National Bank (Economic)

    Andrew Jackson and Nicolas Biddle had a conflict over the rechartering the Second National Bank. Andrew Jackson doesn't "trust" the bank, therefore he refused to recharter the bank.
  • National Figure (Social)

    Andrew Jackson was know was a national figure for his leadership to lead the nation as a whole rather than by sections. He believed that the presiden, who symbolized the people, have to dominate the governemnt.
  • Indian Removal (Social)

    Andrew Jackson had a deep hatred against the Indian, which was the reason why he's known as "Indian Fighter". Because of his hatred, he supported the removal act.
  • Panic of 1837 (Economic)

    Panic of 1837 (Economic)
    A depression occured when Jackson created Specie Circular, which states that government only accept public payments in hard currency instead of paper money combines with his refusal to rechart the 2nd National Bank, resulting the withdrawal government fund in that bank.