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Jackie Chan

  • Birth

    Jackie Chan was born in Hong Kong on 7th April 1954. He was named Chan Kong Sang. Chan is the son of Lee-Lee and Charles Chan, who emigrated to Canberra, Australia in 1960 as refugees from the Chinese Civil War. Prior to leaving China, Lee-Lee and Charles had worked as a maid and butler, respectively, for the French ambassador to Hong Kong.
  • Nah-Hwa Primary School

    Nah-Hwa Primary School
    Chan attended the Nah-Hwa Primary School on Hong Kong Island, where he failed his first year, after which his parents withdrew him from the school. In 1960, his father emigrated to Canberra, Australia, to work as the head cook for the American embassy, and Chan was sent to the China Drama Academy, a Peking Opera School run by Master Yu Jim-yuen.
  • Chan joins Peking Opera School

    Chan joins  Peking Opera School
    Charles decided to enrol the boy, now 7, at the Peking Opera School, operated by Shu Master Yu Jan-Yuen. Walking in with his dad, Jackie saw tens of kids, between 7 and their early teens, somersaulting and playing with swords and sticks. He recalls that he felt like kids must feel today on entering Disneyland.
  • 1st Movie

    1st Movie
    In 1962, at the age of eight, along with the fellow mates from the performance group, Chan appeared in the movie called ‘Big and Little Wong Tin Bar’. This lead to his appearance in another movie next year called ‘The Love Eterne’. Subsequently, he kept making small appearances in movies like ‘Come Drink with Me’ (1966) and ‘A Touch of Zen’ (1971).
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  • Come Drink With Me

    Come Drink With Me
    Shaw Brothers releases the hit film King Hu’s Come Drink With Me, starring Cheng Peipei. Sammo stars in a small role in the film at the age of 14, and Jackie Chan in a small role.
  • Leaves Academy

    Jackie leaves the academy to become a dangerous stuntman as he is known today in most of his movies.
  • Left Academy

    At 17 he started in the movies as a stunt man, but later started making his own movies, those first few movies were flops because the were not orignal, they were copies of Bruce Lee's style, they were copies because Jackie was hyped as being the heir to Bruce Lee. But later Jackie created his own style by incorporating physical comedy with cool stunts and awsome action, this created his own style and that made him a sucees in the Asian movie market.
  • Bruce Lee Dies

    Bruce Lee Dies
    Bruce Lee, age 32, dies. The hunt for the next Bruce Lee begins.
  • Lee Dies

    Lee Dies
    Bruce Lee dies; kung fu cinema falls into decline; Chan finds stuntmen work dwindling.
  • Major Role

    Major Role
    At the age of 19, in 1973, Chan got his first major role in the movie ‘Little Tiger of Canton’ and then he starred in a comedy movie called ‘All in the Family’ (1975). This movie had Chan’s first nude sex scene. He made the shift from action movies to comedy because his action movies have been a failure until now.
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  • Enter the Dragon

    Enter the Dragon
    Robert Clouse’s Enter the Dragon starring Bruce Lee is released. Though Lee is dead, it becomes the most financially successful kung fu film for its time. However, Hong Kong audiences do not like it.
  • The Cub Tiger

    The Cub Tiger
    Picked to star in his first headliner role in "The Cub Tiger" from Kwang Tung," but the film failed to attract audiences.
  • Movie Disaster

    Movie Disaster
    His first movie wasn’t really a hit to the box office, The movie New Fist of Fury wasn’t really my fighting style. But he continued making movies with the director Lo Wei.
  • "Jackie"

    In 1976, he joined his family in Australia and started working as a construction worker there. He got the name ‘Jackie’ in Australia because a fellow construction worker called Jack took him under his watch.
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  • Period: to

    Big Break

    Got his break from director-producer Lo Wei, who signed and put him in the leads of "Shaolin Wooden Men," "The Killer Meteors," "New Fist of Fury," "To Kill With Intrigue" and the early John Woo film "Hand of Death," yet all flop.
  • Killer Meteors

    Killer Meteors
    In this martial arts film, Jackie Chan and Jimmy Wang Yu portray two men proficient with a special secret weapon, the Killer Meteor. Together they embark is on a mission to find the thief of palace treasure, and in the process are hired by the Immortal Wa to kill Wa's wife, as he believes she has poisoned him. However, she is guarded by a small army, which means the Meteors may have a bit of trouble. Despite his star billing, Jackie appears in only a few scenes.
  • Snake in Eagle's Shadow & Drunken Master

    Snake in Eagle's Shadow & Drunken Master
    Still starring in Lo Wei's pics including "Snake & Crane Arts of Shaolin," "Spiritual Kung Fu" and "Magnificent Bodyguards" -- all disappointments -- but finally made his name with Ng See-yuen and Yuen Woo-ping's action comedy hits "Snake in Eagle's Shadow" and "Drunken Master"
  • The Story of a Small Town

    The Story of a Small Town
    Taiwanese filmThe Story of a Small Town is released. Feng- Jiao Lin wins Best Leading Actress in the 16th Golden Horse Awards. Jackie Chan notices.
  • Old Master

    Old Master
    Old Master is released, starring Yu Jim-yuen, Chan’s Chinese Opera teacher. It is his only film.
  • Chan heads to Hollywood

    Chan heads to Hollywood
    "The Big Brawl", also known as "Battle Creek Brawl", was the 1980 martial arts film which marked Jackie Chan's first attempt to break into the American movie market. It was directed by Robert Clouse and featured much of the crew from "Enter the Dragon". Its box office performance was less disastrous than reputed to be, but was a disappointment to distributor Warner Brothers and Jackie Chan, who were expecting an "Enter the Dragon"-sized hit.
  • The Young Master

    The Young Master
    Directs and stars in "The Young Master," the 10th anniversary of the studio's founding which became the year's highest-grossing film in Hong Kong with HK$11 million; later sent by Golden Harvest to Los Angeles to star in first English starrer and U.S. release "The Big Brawl," which failed to thrill Americans.
  • Dragon Lord

    Dragon Lord
    Directs and stars in "Dragon Lord" and "Project A," both hits that grossed HK$11 million and HK$19 million, respectively.
  • Chan Marries

    Chan Marries
    Feng-Jiao Lin, Taiwanese actress marries Jackie Chan. She retires from making films, having been in some 70 films in ten years.
  • Son

    Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee Chan, born to mother Lin Feng-Jiao.
  • Head Injury

    Head Injury
    Sustained severe head injuries and on brink of death while on location in then-Yugoslavia for "Armor of God".
  • Box Office Record

    Box Office Record
    "Armor of God" breaks Hong Kong boxoffice records with HK$35 million gross; "Project A II" fares less well but did respectable business with HK$31 million.
  • No More Shaw Brothers

    No More Shaw Brothers
    Shaw Brothers, once the number one Asian Film Studio, stops making movies, though still produces television shows. This is due in part to the popularity of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan who were not signed up to Shaw Brothers.
  • Chan Foundatoind is founded

    Chan Foundatoind is founded
    The heart of Jackie’s charity work lies in The Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation which was founded by Jackie in 1988 to offer scholarships and active help to Hong Kong’s young people through a variety of worthy causes. Over the years, the foundation has broadened its scope to include provision of medical services, aid to victims of natural disaster or illness, and projects where the major beneficiaries are Hong Kong people or organizations.
  • Dragons Forever

    Dragons Forever
    "Dragons Forever," co-starring Chan's former academy brothers Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao, grosses HK$33.6 million, while "Police Story II" collects HK$34 million
  • Painted Faces

    Painted Faces
    Painted Faces is released, about the childhood of Jackie Chan, starring Sammo as Master Yu. The film focuses on the Seven Little Fortunes, those whom Chan grew up with. Sammo won Best Actor, and the film won Best Film at the 8th Hong Kong Film Awards.
  • Miracles

    Chan's directs the favorite work of his career to date, "Miracle," where he splashed on sets and props; film collects HK$34 million
  • Super Cop2

    Super Cop2
    "Supercop 2," which grosses HK$33 million, marks the first time Chan worked with Stanley Tong; the two would later collaborate four times more in "Police Story 3" (1993), "Rumble in the Bronx," "Police Story 4: First Strike" (1996) and "The Myth" (2005)
  • MTV

    In 1994, MTV honored Chan with a lifetime achievement award for his action-oriented movies
  • Rumble in the Bronx

    Rumble in the Bronx
    The year of Jackie Chan: "Rumble in the Bronx" broke boxoffice records in Hong Kong with HK$56.9 million and won best action choreography at the Hong Kong Film Awards; opened in 1,700 theaters stateside and collects $32 million, making it the highest-grossing Hong Kong film released in U.S. and establishes Chan as an international superstar; later in the year "Thunderbolt" also collects HK$46 million
  • Yu Jim-Yun

    Yu Jim-Yun
    Yu Jim-Yun, Jackie Chan’s Chinese Opera teacher, dies. Chan respected and feared the man who helped to created Chan.
  • Rush Hour

    Rush Hour
    "Rush Hour" from New Line opens worldwide, eventually grossing $245 million
  • Mother's Death

    Mother's Death
    Death of mother, Lee-Lee Chan, age 85.
  • Garment Brand

    Garment Brand
    On April 2, Jackie Chan officially introduced his JC Collection line of clothing in Beijing. Jackie's wish is to supply comfortable and stylish clothes with a Chinese feel that can be enjoyed by people all over the world.
  • Best Actor

    Best Actor
    Jackie Chan got the Best Actor award for the 14th China's Golden Rooster and Full Blossom Film Festival 2005 for his role in NEW POLICE STORY (2004).
  • Chan plays anti-hero - Robin B Hood

    Chan plays anti-hero - Robin B Hood
    Having starred in over 40 action comedy films over the course of his acting career, Chan was tired of being typecast as an actor who plays "Mr. Nice Guy" in his films. Following "New Police Story" and "The Myth", "Rob-B-Hood" was the third film in which Chan attempted to introduce more dramatic elements in his films.
  • Rush Hour 3

    Rush Hour 3
    Chan and Tucker teamed up to do the third Rush Hour.
  • Father Dies

    Father Dies
    Death of Jackie Chan’s father, Charles Chan age 93 in Australia.
  • Forbidden Kingdom

    Forbidden Kingdom
    Chinese-American co-production "Forbidden Kingdom," the first film Chan and Jet Li co-starred in, opened on the top of the U.S. boxoffice chart and collects $52 million, goes on to gross 150 million yuan ($22 million); DreamWorks Animation's "Kung Fu Panda," which boosted Chan's voice work as Monkey, rakes in $633 worldwide and became the highest-grossing animation feature in China
  • Shinjuku Incident

    Shinjuku Incident
    "Shinjuku Incident" released
  • The Karate Kid

    The Karate Kid
    Work causes a single mother to move to China with her young son; in his new home, the boy embraces kung fu, taught to him by a master.
  • Kung Fu Panda

    Kung Fu Panda
    It's the story about a lazy, irreverent slacker panda, named Po, who is the biggest fan of Kung Fu around...which doesn't exactly come in handy while working every day in his family's noodle shop. Unexpectedly chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy, Po's dreams become reality when he joins the world of Kung Fu and studies alongside his idols, the legendary Furious Five -- Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey -- under the leadership of their guru, Master Shifu.