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  • A Star Arises

    A Star Arises
    Jackie Robinson was born in in a small town called Cairo, Georgia on January 31, 1919. His parents names are Mallie and Jerry. His brotheres names were Edgar, Frank, and Mack. His sisters name is Willa Mae.
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    Jackie Robinsons life

  • The Big Move

    The specific date of the big move is unknown.Only a few months after his birth, Jackie and his family moved from Cairo to Pasadena, California so that his mom could find a better job to take care of her kids.
  • A Learning Experience

    A Learning Experience
    Jackie didnt get a whole lot of opportunity to go to school as a young child. But his first real opportunity came when he chose to attend Pasadena Junior College in California.
  • Born to Jump

    Born to Jump
    Jackie was always a jumper says his sister Willa Mae. He won his jump title at UCLA in Spring of 1939 before being drafted to the army. Jackie was known as the best athlete at UCLA while he was there. This event took place on UCLA's campus.
  • Man up to save you country

    Man up to save you country
    The specific date is unknown for when he got drafted to the army but he served for two years.Jackie Robinson had been planning to go to the army since he was a little boy. Although he wasnt expecting it when he got drafted.He was in California when he was drafted.
  • The College Experience

    The College Experience
    Jackie wanted to continue his college years to get an even better education that he couldnt receive as a child. So Jackie decided to attend UCLA. There he patricipated in four sports. Football, Baseball, Bsketball, and Track. The college is in Las Angeles, California.
  • Going out for the Monarchs

    Going out for the Monarchs
    Jackie Robinson played 4 sports at UCLA. Although he always loved the game of baseball and wished to pursue a proffesional baseball career. His chance came on March 20, 1945 when he tried out for the Kansas City Monarchs. The Monarchs were an all-black baseball team in the negro league.The try-out was held in Kansas City.
  • A signing to always remember

    A signing to always remember
    Jackie Robinson tried out for the Kansas City Monarchs on March 20, 1945. He then signed with the team just 5 days after he tried out for the team. For the Monarchs he wore the numbwer 5. He signed with the team in Kansas City.
  • First African Amercian

    First African Amercian
    Jackie Robinson played great for the Kansas City Monarchs and had the highest batting average the team. Due to his great performances, the Brooklyn Dodgers decided that they werent gonna let his skin color effect his career. So the Brooklyn Dodgers signed him a contract making him the first african-american to ever play in the MLBl. The signing was held in the clubhouse of the Dodgers.
  • The Game of the Century

    The Game of the Century
    Jackie Robinson had to overcome many obstacles and face many challenges to get where is got in life. But all of it paid off when he got to the major leagues and his first game took place on April 15, 1947. The game was held in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Running like a Champion

    Running like a Champion
    Jackie Robinson won the stolen base title on November 6, 1948. He won this award just only after two years in the MLB. This award was given to him because of his spped and courage. He was in his home in Brooklyn, New York when he got voted for this award.
  • One Down, Many to go

    One Down, Many to go
    Jackie was in the MLB for just 8 years before winning his first World Series. That wasnt his last World Series either. He won 6 in his whole career. The game was won in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Out of baseball, and into the coffee business

    There is no specific date for when Jackie started in the coffee business. After Jackie Robinson retired, he decided to not stop working. He dicided to work for a coffee business. He was a part manager in the company.
  • If you speak you mind, there is always a consequence

    Jackie was arrested and throne into jail in Brooklyn, New York after he shared his opinion about how poorly he feels about how the quality of the newspapers were. The baseball allstar just simply spoke his mind and got arrested and spent a week in jail.
  • Theres nothing like death

    In Brooklyn, New York Jackie Robinson died on October 24, 1972. He died of a heart attack and it was completely unexpected.