Jackie Chan

By harisb
  • birth

    Chan Komg sang Chan was born
  • adopted

    jackie chan's father was offered a job in Astraulia and he could not take jackie with him so he had gave jackie to the Chinese Drama Academy
  • Chinese Drama Academy

    jackie chan joined the Chinese Drama Academy when he was seven years old and studied the arts of kung fuu,sword fighting and theater
  • jackie leaves the academy

    jackie leaves the academy to become a dangerous stuntman as he is known today in most of his movies
  • stunt man for Bruce Lee

    jackie chans singed a contract with golden harvest to be a stunt man for Bruce Lee's new movie Fist of Fury and Enter The Dragon
  • forced to move to Australia

    the movie buisness wasnt goin so well so i had to move to astralia with my parents.
  • how i got the nickname jackie

    I worked in a restaurant and on a construction site. A worker named Jack had trouble pronouncing my real name so he started calling me "little Jack
  • Movie Disaster

    My first movie wasn’t really a hit to the box office, The movie New Fist of Fury wasn’t really my fighting style. But i continued making movies with the director Lo Wei
  • help with the movie buisness

    I owe all of my sucsess to Willie Chan if it wasnt for him i would have never made it to america, the problem was with the other movies was that it wasnt my own style, but the Snake in Eagle's Shadow and druken master were my style. I brought comedy into martial arts and thats what I am most known for
  • Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin

    Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin
    In this movie I had more freedom to be myself I didn’t have to copy anybody, I did my own style
  • Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

    Snake in the Eagle's Shadow
    I started doing Seasonal Films owned by Ng See-Yuen
  • huge succsess in asia

    i became famous in asia for my movie making but not so much in america so i concentrated on making movies in asia for a few years then went to america to shoot rumble in the bronx, rush hour and Shanghai Noon series which put me on the holywood A list
  • Jackie Chan Adventures

    Jackie Chan Adventures
    The Animated series celebrates Chinese culture as Jackie, an ancient artifact expert and special agent for the government's secret Section 13 When Jackie and Jade stumble upon an ancient conspiracy, led by an evil crime family known as The Dark Hand
  • The Tuxedo

    The Tuxedo
    Jimmy Tong is just a lowly chauffeur for millionaire Clark Devlin, until Devlin has an accident that puts him in the hospital. Tong is sent back to fetch some things for Devlin and unknowingly tries on Devlin's tuxedo and finds that it gives extraordinary powers to anyone that dons the suit. This discovery thrusts Tong into world of international intrigue and espionage and pairs him with an inexperienced partner.
  • The Medallion

    The Medallion
    In this movie I die, but there is a magical medallion that brought me back to life and gave me immortality but there are evil people looking for it for its great power.
  • the police story

    the police story
    I might be famous for rush hour and rush hour 2 but i still continue to film movies in hong kong
  • Rush hour 3

    Rush hour 3
    The third and final rush hour, Chris Tucker and I go to Paris to find the assassin that tried to kill the Chinese ambassador.
  • The Forbidden Kingdom

    The Forbidden Kingdom
    A movie about Forbidden Kingdom. Including Jet li,Michael Angarano, Golden Sparrow and of course me
  • Karate Kid

    Karate Kid
    I just finished shooting Karate Kid with Jaden smith and it will be comoing out on june 11