A brief history of Jackie Robinson's baseball career

  • Jackie Robinson's early life

    Jackie Robinson's early life
    Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia on January 31, 1919. When Jackie Robinson was still young, her mother moved to Pasadena, California where Robinson and his four siblings were raised. In 1937 Robinson enrolled at Pasadena Junior College and in 1939 at UCLA, where he excelled in basketball, football, tract and field, and Baseball, but in 1941 he had to leave UCLA to helped support his family. source:
  • Jackie Robinson signs contract with the Montreal Royals

    Jackie Robinson signs contract with the Montreal Royals
    In 1944 Jackie returned home after serving two years in the military. He began playing Baseball in the Spring of 1945 for the Kansas City Monarchs, a Negro Baseball League. But after one season with the Monarchs, on October 23, 1945, Robinson signed a contract with the Montreal Royals, the International League of the Brooklyn Dodgers. source:
  • Robinson leads the Montreal Royals to Championship

    Robinson leads the Montreal Royals to Championship
    Robinson's first professional game with the Montreal Royals was at the Roosevelt Stadium in New Jersey. On October 4, 1946, Robinson led the Royals to win the Little World Series Championship, finishing the year as the batting champion for his league. source:
  • Robinson joins Major League Baseball

    Robinson joins Major League Baseball
    After playing for the Royals and leading them to the 1946 Little Word Series Championship, Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers. His first appearance was on April 15, 1947, playing as first baseman. That day, Robinson became the first African American to join an all-white baseball league in almost 60 years, during a time where segregation was still prominent.
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    Robinson plays 10 seasons for the Brooklyn Dodgers

    From 1947-1956, Jackie played for the Brooklyn Dodgers for 10 seasons and achieved many accomplishments. Among them, he was named Rookie of the year, Most Valuable Player in 1949. In addition, the Brooklyn Dodgers won six pennants throughout the seasons, and the 1955 World series title. source:
  • Jackie retires from Baseball

    Jackie retires from Baseball
    After 10 seasons playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Robinson retired from Baseball. After his retirement, Robinson worked as Vice-president of community relations for Chock Full O'Nuts and he continued advocating for civil rights. source:
  • Robinson is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame

    Robinson is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame
    In 1962, Jackie Robinson was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in New York. His plaque reads "LEADING N.L. BATTER IN 1949. HOLDS FIELDING MARK FOR SECOND BASEMAN PLAYING IN 150 OR MORE GAMES WITH .992. LED N.L. IN STOLEN BASES IN 1947 AND 1949. MOST VALUABLE PLAYER IN 1949. ..." source:
  • Robinson's last public appearance

    Robinson's last public appearance
    Jackie Robinson was invited to be part of a ceremony that took place at the Riverfront Stadium of Cincinnati in which he was honored and threw out the ceremonial first pitch for game two of the world series. During his speech he stated “I am extremely proud and pleased to be here this afternoon, but must admit that I am going to be tremendously more pleased and more proud when I look at that third-base coaching line one day and see a Black face managing in baseball. Thank you very much."
  • Jackie Robinson passes away

    Jackie Robinson passes away
    Just a few days after his last appearance in public, On October 24, 1972, Jackie Robinson died from heart and diabetes complications at his home in Connecticut. His body rests in peace at the Cypress Hills Cemetery in Queens, New York. source:
  • The Jackie Robinson Foundation is established

    The Jackie Robinson Foundation is established
    In 1973, Rachel Robinson, Jackie's widow, established the Jackie Robinson Foundation to carry on the memory of her husband. This foundation since then has been dedicated to foment the education of talented college students through scholarships and leadership development. source:
  • Robinson's number 42 is retired

    Robinson's number 42 is retired
    In a ceremony at Shea Stadium, Major League Baseball on the 50th anniversary of Robinson honored him by retiring his number 42 for all time. source:
  • Congress awards Robinson

    Congress awards Robinson
    On October 29, 2003, Jackie Robinson was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, which is considered the nation's highest civilian award given by Congress. President George W. Bush presented the award to Robinson's wife Rachel Robinson at a capital ceremony on March 2, 2005. source:
  • Jackie Robinson Museum Grand opening

    Jackie Robinson Museum Grand opening
    On Tuesday, July 25, 2022, The Jackie Robinson Foundation took part in the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Grand opening of Jackie Robinson Museum in the Hudson Square neighborhood of lower Manhattan. Jackie's widow, Rachel Robinson and her daughter Sharon and son David attended the ceremony. source: