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Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

  • Birth

    Jacqueline Bouvier is born in 1929 to Janet and Jack Bouvier. She is born on July 28 weighing 8 pounds.
  • Jackies sister is born

    Jackies sister is born
    Caroline Lee Bovier, also know as Lee to Janet and Jack Bouvier. This is Jackies youngest and only sister. They are best friends. As a child, Jackie protected Lee from the insesent fighting of her parents.
  • Divorce of Janet and Jack

    Divorce of Janet and Jack
    After years of fighting, much to Jackies dismay, her parents Janet and Jack Bouvier divorced. This greatly affected Jackie because this meant lack of time visting her father.
  • Janet remarries

    Janet remarries
    Janet Bouvier remarries to Hugh D. Auchincloss, a wealthy stock broker and lawyer. The Bouvier girls move with there mother to Hugh's house, Merrywood, a grand country estate.
  • Jackies off to college

    Jackies off to college
    Jackie attends Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. This is the beginning of a new time in her life
  • Marriage to John Kennedy

    Marriage to John Kennedy
    Jackie marries John Fitzgerald Kennedy, senator of New York. They love each other, although, John had numerous affirs through out their marriage.
  • Arabellas death

    Arabellas death
    Jackies comes down with horrible stomach pains near the end of her precnancy. She is rushed from her Gorgetown house to the hospital but it is too late to save the baby. Baby Arabella Kennedy is still born
  • Caroline Lee Kennedys Birth

    Caroline Lee Kennedys Birth
    Caroline Lee Kennedy is born a healthy little girl to Jackie and John Kennedy.
  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.
    JFK Jr. is born a healthy baby boy to carry on the Kennedy legacy.
  • Jackie gives a tour of the white house.

    Jackie gives a tour of the white house.
    On this day, Jackie gives a tour of the white house to show case her renovations. Over two million Americans tune in.
  • Patrick Bouvier Kennedy

    Patrick Bouvier Kennedy
    On August 7 1963, Patrick is born at the low birth weight of 4 pounds 10 ounces. He was born with a deadly diease called hyaline membrane disease which ultimetly caused his death on August 9, 1963. He lived under 40 hours.
  • Kennedy Assasination

    Kennedy Assasination
    John Kennedy is assasinated in Dallas Texas while campigning. He is shot in the head and the shoulder. Jackie was sitting next to him. This event changed her life permenantly.
  • Bobby is assasinated

    Bobby is assasinated
    Bobby is shot at and killed while campign for president in the Ambassador Hotel.
  • Marriage to Ari

    Marriage to Ari
    Jackie marries Greek billionare Aristotle Onassis.
  • Ari's Death

    Ari's Death
    Ari dies of pnemunia.
  • Jackies work as an editor

    Jackies work as an editor
    Jackie takes a job as an assistant editor at Viking Publishers. She later takes a job at Doubleday editing. She is very passionate about her job and takes it very seriously
  • Jackie is Diagnosed with cancer

    Jackie is Diagnosed with cancer
    What Jackie thought was just a summer cold, turned out to be the deadly form of cancer called non-hotchikns lymphoma.
  • Jackie Passes Away

    Jackie Passes Away
    Jackie, after a long and exhausting struggle with non-Hotckins lymphoma, passes away in her NY apartment surrounded by family and friends. She dsid around approximetly 10 oclock at night.