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  • Born Sport Prodigy

    Jackie Roosevelt Robinson the youngest of five children is born in Cairo, Georgia. He grew up to be a prodigy.
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    The Life of Jackie Robinson

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    Jackie Robinson

  • Raised by One

    Raised by One
    Jackie Robinson's mother Mallie Robinson raised five children by herself after being abandoned by her husband when Jackie was a few months old. She raised them in Cairo, Georgia and later Pasadena, California. Thankfully she raised them to show someone loves them.
  • Young Prodigy Sensation

    Jackie Robinson excelled academically and athletically. This took place in Pasendena, California at an Elementary School. He excelled in this by both studying hard and practicing hard.
  • Next Level

    Next Level
    A High School out in Pasedena, California might have got a person who could make there school known to this state and/or to the country. A High School named John Muir High School had accepted Jackie Roosevelt Robinson into the school. Robinson is like a sports god hopefully he can make this school known by sports championships and make the school a better known for its great academic studies.
  • High School Legend

    High School Legend
    A sports prodigy or god what ever you want to call Jackie Robinson that deals with amazing would most likely be a meaning about this kid. Jackie Roosevelt Robinson had exceled greatly in athletics and academics all the way up to his senior year. He has got to be the guy he was due to all the preperation, dedication, and devotion he puts into school and atletics.
  • Champions

    John Muir High School Brings Home it's first High School Championship! They had succeded in winning the trophy thanks to it's best player and role model on the team Jackie Robinson. They earned this not just because of Robinson they worked hard and worked as a team.
  • Unstopable

    Jackie Roosevelt Robinson Is one of those players where you will never like to see lose. In that case I should say in his High school career coming to an end he only lost two games throughout all of the teams and sports he has played. He got here because of his grades. He would not have got here if he had bad grades because academic studies always come first.
  • College

    Pasedena Junior college accepts a sports god. That sports god is one of the most athletic people in the world at that time and he is Jackie Robinson. He was accepted there because of his excellence on and off the field. Alson in and out of school.
  • Moving On

    Moving On
    Jackie Roosevelt Robinson switches colleges to go to a better and more well developed school program. That school or college is the University of California of Los Angeles (UCLA).He switched because he wanted an overall better program.
  • So Close

    So Close
    Jackie Robinson goes down in UCLA history but can't finish to get a degree. Robinson left UCLA with four months left until he would have graduated. The downside of him not able to stay was because his family had finacial problems and could not afford to go there anymore.
  • Lieutenant

    Jackie Robinson joins the army to help protect our country. He went there because he could not finish college and he figured he should do something instead of just sitting around.
  • Big Leager

    Big Leager
    Kansas City Monarchs draft Jackie Robinson to play baseball with them. This is a team where peole who cant't play in the Major Leage's , and it is a segregated team. Jackie Robinson made it this far because of his dedication to reaching this far up.
  • Brooklyn Superstar

    Brooklyn Superstar
    Jackie Robinson the first African-American to play baseball in the Major Leagues. He got drafted by the Brooklyn Dodgers. They chose him not just because of his talent , but because of his attitude.
  • Best Rookie

    Jackie Robinson becomes Rookie of the Year. He is the first African-American to win Rookie of the Year award.
  • Segregated

    Jacie Robinson was very depressed when his team had away games. When ever the Brooklyn Dodgers play an away game Jackie Robinson has to stay and eat at separate places just because of segregation.
  • World Champions

    World Champions
    Brooklyn Dodgers bring home the trophy that Brooklyn, New York has finally been waiting for! Jackie Robinsons team after being to 5 championships and losing all of them, but one the time is finally here. Brooklyn Dodgers earned this by working as a team and preparing throughout the season.
  • Amazing Outspeaker and World Changer

    Jackie Robinson was the person who made baseball like it is today. With out him no African-Americans would be aloud to play baseball. He also spoke out on civil rights and broke what is known today as the "color barrier".
  • One of the Best

    One of the Best
    The Hall of Fame inducts Jackie Robinson into the Hall of Fame. He has earned this not by being a great baseball player and atlete, but also whta he would do on and off the field.
  • END

    Jackie Robinson's legacy comes to an end , but will never be forgotten. He will never be forgotten in everyone's heart because our country would not be like how it is today without Jackie Robinson's help.